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Meet Philip Morris

Philip Morris, CEO Mariner USACompany: Mariner USA

Title: CEO

Oversees the strategy, business development and finance departments at Mariner, staying focused on new trends in business and digital technology to improve customer experience, optimize business operations, and develop new business models.



1. How long have you been in your industry or at your company?

I have served 18 years as CEO of Mariner, and 30+ years in the technology industry.


2. What's the biggest change you've seen in the industry with regard to technology?

Cloud computing. When Mariner first started providing data warehousing and analytics services back in 2001, a big barrier was the hardware and software acquisitions, and capital investments, that had to be made. Today, we can provision a pilot environment in minutes and the customer only pays for what they use.


3. What's your most used business app?

Office 365


4. What's your favorite non-business app?

It's a tie. Spotify and Waze.


5. What new or up and coming technology are you most excited about?

Driverless cars would be nice. Though the new passenger drones will fulfill the promise of the future I got as a child watching "The Jetsons" and much safer than the jetpacks I saw on "Jonny Quest."


6. How has mobile technology improved business for you and/or your customers?

Mobile technology has made us... well, mobile. Being able to work from anywhere at anytime.


7. What's your favorite "throwback" technology?

I love my old-school "big can" Grado stereo headphones.


8. Any fun facts about yourself you'd like to share?

When I'm not busy envisioning new and interesting ways to use IoT technology, I like to brew beer. I have a nano brewery in my garage called "Bitter Friends Brewery" where I make 10 gallon all-grain batches of malty, hoppy deliciousness.


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CEO Greg Clary featured on USA Business Radio http://www.mi-corporation.com/news-and-events/ceo-greg-clary-featured-on-usa-business-radio/ http://www.mi-corporation.com/news-and-events/ceo-greg-clary-featured-on-usa-business-radio/#comments Wed, 10 Feb 2016 20:16:09 +0000 http://www.mi-corporation.com/?p=17906 Continue reading ]]> The Price of Business Radio Show

In 2014 and 2015, Mi-Corporation made the Inc. 5000 list for the fastest-growing, privately held U.S. companies. This achievement, and Mi-Corporation's continued growth year-over-year, led us to a radio spotlight interview on USA Business Radio.

Hear from Mi-Corporation's CEO and Co-Founder, Greg Clary, in his recent spotlight on USA Business Radio's The Price of Business.

http://www.mi-corporation.com/news-and-events/ceo-greg-clary-featured-on-usa-business-radio/feed/ 0
Mobility Summit Speaker Spotlight: Sharon Hayes http://www.mi-corporation.com/blog/mobility-summit-speaker-spotlight-sharon-hayes/ http://www.mi-corporation.com/blog/mobility-summit-speaker-spotlight-sharon-hayes/#comments Thu, 04 Feb 2016 19:46:13 +0000 http://www.mi-corporation.com/?p=17867 Continue reading ]]>  

Meet Sharon Hayes

SharonHayes100x100Company: HighSteps

Title: Director, Public Sector Innovation



1. How long have you worked in your industry?

I have been in the technology industry for more than 25 years.


2. What is the biggest change you've seen in the industry with regard to technology?



3. What is your most used business app?

S Note (For Samsung)


4. What is your favorite non-business app?



5. What new or upcoming technology are you most excited about?

Print on-demand for publishing and credit card payment technologies.


6. How has mobile technology improved business for you and/or your customers?

Mobile technology has provided easier methods of communication, and has made it easier to travel and work from anywhere.


7. What's your favorite "throwback" technology?

The compact disc.


8. Any last words?

Our use of the internet and our mobile devices are becoming extensions of ourselves.


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NYU Brings Oral Health Care to Children & Adults Worldwide http://www.mi-corporation.com/blog/nyu-brings-oral-health-care-to-children-adults-worldwide/ http://www.mi-corporation.com/blog/nyu-brings-oral-health-care-to-children-adults-worldwide/#comments Tue, 02 Feb 2016 17:00:26 +0000 http://www.mi-corporation.com/?p=17828 Continue reading ]]> New York University College of Dentistry

Image provided by NYU College of Dentistry

In 2012, Mi-Corporation began working with New York University College of Dentistry (NYUCD) on a mobile data capture project used to collect, track, and report on the oral health of children and adults from around the world.

The mobile team at NYUCD's Office of Global Outreach recently returned from a rural site about four hours from Jaipur in Rajasthan, India, where they provided free dental exams, collected data, and provided preventative oral health services to nearly 200 children and 100 adults. Like all of their sites, they plan to return soon to continue to provide clinical care to those in need.

NYU Site in Rajasthan, India

Children in rural Rajasthan, India. Image provided by NYU College of Dentistry

The ongoing care and service provided by the team at NYUCD is truly inspiring, and we are so honored to know and work with such a humble, hard-working, and passionate group of people.

For more than three years, the team at NYUCD's Office of Global Outreach has utilized Mi-Corporation's Mi-Forms solution to successfully develop protocols and standardize data collection methods at their mobile sites. Currently, the team is tracking close to 4,500 children in the United States (Maine and New York) and in many countries around the world such as Ecuador, India, Mexico, Nepal, and Nicaragua -- and they're continuing to identify further opportunities in the U.S., Armenia, and Chile.

NYU College of Dentistry - Mobile Forms

NYUCD's Mi-Forms mobile data collection solution. Image provided by NYU College of Dentistry

The team at NYUCD is constantly working to refine their project as they learn how to best capture relevant information that can be used to both improve the standard of care provided and the systemic health of the children visiting NYUCD's clinics.


"We want you to know that the software application [Mi-Corporation] tailored for NYUCD's Office of Global Outreach has been invaluable to the development of our global outreach programs."

- Dr. Stuart Hirsch, New York University College of Dentistry


While the service provided would not be possible without the fantastic group of individuals at NYUCD's Office of Global Outreach, we are happy to play even a small role in making such a difference in the lives of others, and are proud to help NYUCD make a positive impact on the world with our technology.


See how New York University College of Dentistry is positively impacting the world:

Support Global Outreach by making a gift.

Facebook:  NYU College of Dentistry Henry Schein Cares GlobalStudent Outreach

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What tech is on your 2015 Holiday Wish List?

We've tested the latest mobile technology devices for field workers -- and while it's difficult to choose our favorite -- the good news is that whatever device you or your organization decides to purchase, you'll have the ability to accomplish so much more with less simply by moving from paper to a digital inspection process.

Without further ado, here's our first device review of our short blog series:

Apple's iPad Pro

iPad Pro

A lot has been written about the iPad Pro, especially in regard to replacing your laptop — as implied in November by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.

You may have even seen Apple’s latest ads promoting how the iPad Pro’s large clear screen can help you “learn about the universe.” While the new form factor and optional pencil will certainly provide for an enhanced experience, particularly for the creative minded, I haven’t seen much written about how the iPad Pro aims to address the field service industry.

We obtained an iPad Pro on the day it was released, and around the office the initial reaction – as to be expected – was, “wow, that’s large!” But, like kids on Christmas, we quickly downloaded Mi-Forms, Mi-Apps, and Mi-HVAC Apps to the new “toy” and took it for a spin.


Mi-Apps Home ScreenWhile each of these apps were built before the device existed, they all worked fast and reliably. We were easily able to navigate from page to page in Mi-Forms, and section to section in Mi-Apps. Tapping checkboxes and focusing fields was quick with the larger screen providing a nice finger target.


Mi-HVAC Apps Work Order Form


Using the Mi-Forms’ paper-like interface, the experience was very similar to holding a clipboard. This makes sense because the iPad Pro and a standard piece of paper are about the same size. If field workers are accustomed to the clipboard and pen model of data entry, then this is about as close as you can get to that in a mobile environment.

With that said, the iPad Pro is not without its downsides.

1. As a desk worker, I don’t have to hold a device all day long like field workers do. At over 1.5 pounds, the iPad Pro is a good 65% heavier than the iPad Air 2. While that weight might normally be reserved for battery space due to the larger screen size, the quoted battery life expectancy is the exact same.

2. The onscreen keyboard size is a little too large, which leads to hand fatigue as you’re typing and holding the device. This could make collecting data in the field using touch input wearisome for workers.

3. Standard operating system screens have not been optimized for the larger screen real estate. For instance, while there are still just 4 app icons across the home screen, there’s now a lot of extra padding between each icon.


iPad Pro Home Screen


The good thing about these particular issues is that they can be easily addressed going forward. But right now, it feels a bit like you’re looking at the iPad Air through a giant magnifying glass.

The verdict? In my mind, the iPad Pro fits a niche that certain industries will find very useful. For instance, those interacting with an aging population or those with visual impairment might find this ideal. So too might those who are searching for a true mobile “clipboard” experience.

While it should ultimately come down to the requirements of the job and field worker, as a laptop replacement or primary field service device I would recommend exploring your options. Fortunately, there’s a lot of competition in the space, and we’ll provide a similar review on a couple of those devices in our upcoming mini blog series.

Stay tuned!



Chris DiPierro, CTO



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Mi-Corporation Announces Partnership with Insight Public Sector http://www.mi-corporation.com/news-and-events/mi-corporation-announces-partnership-with-insight-public-sector/ http://www.mi-corporation.com/news-and-events/mi-corporation-announces-partnership-with-insight-public-sector/#comments Thu, 03 Dec 2015 14:51:18 +0000 http://www.mi-corporation.com/?p=17596 Continue reading ]]>  

Mi-Corporation Announces Partnership with Insight Public Sector

Mi-Corporation mobile forms, apps & analytics solutions listed on U.S. Communities contract, easing procurement path for agencies looking for mobility-led efficiencies.

DURHAM, N.C. -- Mi-Corporation, the winner of the 2015 Microsoft Public Sector: Government Partner of the Year award, today announced that its industry leading mobility software products will be listed on Insight Public Sector’s U.S. Communities contract vehicle.

Mi-Corporation is a 15-year industry leader in enterprise mobile information solutions for mission-critical business processes delivering rich and powerful products that quicken business cycles, drive productivity, and increase revenues. Mi-Corporation mobile solutions support the use of Windows Tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, and other mobile devices across diverse industries, from the Microsoft Government Cloud. Organizations like the U.S. Department of Transportation, North Carolina Department of Agriculture, United Nations, Virginia Department of Agriculture, and many others use Mi-Corporation mobile forms, mobile apps, and reporting products to achieve significant ROI on their mobile projects.

“Mi-Corporation looks forward to working with Insight Public Sector to make it even easier and quicker for public sector leaders to do more with less, by leveraging this procurement vehicle, and using the power of mobile technology to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and foster a more sustainable environment,” said Gautham Pandiyan, VP of Sales & Marketing at Mi-Corporation. “Given the depth and breadth of experience on the Insight Public Sector team, we are confident that together we will bring similar results to many Government entities around the country.”

To learn more about Mi-Corporation Government solutions visit http://www.mi-corporation.com/government/ and contact info@mi-corporation.com today.

About Insight
Insight Public Sector is a wholly owned subsidiary of Insight Enterprises. From business and government organizations to healthcare and educational institutions, Insight empowers clients with Intelligent Technology™ solutions to realize their goals. As a Fortune 500-ranked global provider of hardware, software, cloud and service solutions, our 5,400 teammates provide clients the guidance and expertise needed to select, implement and manage complex technology solutions to drive business outcomes. Through our world-class people, partnerships, services and delivery solutions, we help businesses run smarter. Discover more at insight.com.

About Mi-Corporation
Mi-Corporation, a 15-year industry leader in mobilizing mission-critical business processes, offers enterprise-class solutions that quicken business cycles, drive productivity, and increase revenues. Their mobile solutions support the use of Windows Tablets, the Digital Pen, iPads, Android Slates, Smartphones and other mobile devices across diverse industries. Organizations like the NC Department of Agriculture, the United Nations, The US Dept. of Transportation, and many others use Mi-Corporation mobile forms, mobile applications, and reporting products.

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The Threat in Your Pocket: Mobile App Insecurity http://www.mi-corporation.com/blog/the-threat-in-your-pocket-mobile-app-insecurity/ http://www.mi-corporation.com/blog/the-threat-in-your-pocket-mobile-app-insecurity/#comments Fri, 30 Oct 2015 18:16:55 +0000 http://www.mi-corporation.com/?p=17445 Continue reading ]]> The Threat In Your Pocket: Mobile App InsecurityIn this day and age, there's no shortage of cybersecurity drama. From the hack of the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to the disasters at Sony and Target, system security breaches have practically become commonplace.

Recent incidents have also revealed vulnerabilities in commonly used mobile apps as well, such as when 40 apps were found to be malware-infected in Apple's Chinese app store, affecting millions.

I recently attended a talk presented by MobileIron, which discussed some of the 'mobile' security threats that manifest themselves through our smartphones, including:

  • The ability for apps to run malicious code to take control of the device resources like microphones to record conversations and upload them to a server--without the user ever knowing!
  • The ability for hackers to intercept data during transmission between a mobile app and backend servers.
  • The vulnerability of public Wi-Fi networks that most of us end up using at some point--Starbucks, airport, etc.

(Is it just me, or is this post starting to sound a lot like a James Bond movie?)

So what does the average B2E or B2B mobile app user or provider do about all this other than throw up their hands in despair?

A whole host of companies are tackling these challenges in some very interesting ways. For starters, avoiding things like jailbreaking the OS on your device is a simple user-side fix, and as Gartner mentions, most mobile security breaches are a result of misconfiguring apps.

Mobile Application Management companies like Apperian, provide a great software platform that can be used to test/inspect apps and manage all types of policies for those apps in both BYOD and corporate device environments.

This blog post by Apperian nicely summarizes the three categories in which to think about mobile app security.

  • Data at rest (DAR)
  • Data in use (DUI)
  • Data in motion (DIM)

Here's what we're doing at Mi-Corporation to ensure the security of our customers' data as we power their mission-critical workflows:

1. We take great care to ensure data encryption in all our software platforms, at rest within our app containers, and in transmission.

2. All communication between components occurs via HTTPS and can use SSL certificates.

3. We maintain a detailed set of audit trails that can track every ink stroke, value and more on specific devices, locations, and with date/time stamps.

Having passed audits by several large organizations and 3rd party cybersecurity firms, we are comfortable and confident in the ability of our systems to deliver peace of mind to our customers.

More information is available in our Mi-Forms Security Overview if you're looking for a fun bedtime read.

Happy securing!


Gautham Pandiyan

VP of Sales & Marketing


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The Origins of Predictive Maintenance http://www.mi-corporation.com/blog/the-origins-of-predictive-maintenance/ http://www.mi-corporation.com/blog/the-origins-of-predictive-maintenance/#comments Thu, 22 Oct 2015 18:05:35 +0000 http://www.mi-corporation.com/?p=17388 Continue reading ]]> The Origins of Predictive Maintenance

Excerpts taken from Mariner's The Origins of Predictive Maintenance.
Original author: Peter Darragh, VP of Delivery at Mariner

The origins of predictive maintenance (PdM) begin with the practice of condition-based maintenance, which many attribute to CH Waddington.

Waddington, along with two Nobel laureates, four Fellows of the Royal Society and a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences Australia, investigated the "intolerably bread-and-butter affair" of organizing maintenance of the Royal Air Force Coastal Command 502 Squadron.

Previous to Waddington's maintenance recommendations, the squadron was inspecting aircrafts based on planned maintenance schedules as determined by the manufacturer. Some steps required dis-assembling parts of the aircraft so they could be inspected.

After a five-month trial applying their maintenance recommendations, one of the most unexpected findings was, "The rate of failure or repair is highest just after an inspection and thereafter falls, becoming constant after about 40-50 flying hours."  

Waddington and team concluded, "The inspection tends to increase breakdowns, and this can only be because it is doing positive harm by disturbing a reasonably satisfactory state of affairs."


Predictive Maintenance Thwarts Waddington Effect

The planned preventative maintenance, the purpose of which was to prevent unplanned failures, was actually creating unplanned failures. This behavior was termed, "The Waddington Effect."

Their advice was to change the maintenance process to be in-tune with the actual condition of the equipment and its actual usage patterns. It was the beginning of conditioned-based maintenance. It was also the beginning of using economic and probabilistic information to determine inspection cycle strategies, which becomes the foundation for predictive maintenance.

If you find yourself fixing the same things on the same equipment over and over again, you may be stuck in The Waddington Effect and need to move to a maintenance approach that is more condition-based and predictive.

Register for our upcoming webcast to learn more about predictive maintenance and how to gather the critical data needed to make your maintenance programs more accurate and efficient.


Excerpts taken from Mariner's The Origins of Predictive Maintenance.

Original author: Peter Darragh, VP of Delivery at Mariner

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New Mobile App Platform to Provide Paperless Workflows http://www.mi-corporation.com/news-and-events/new-mobile-app-platform-to-provide-paperless-workflows/ http://www.mi-corporation.com/news-and-events/new-mobile-app-platform-to-provide-paperless-workflows/#comments Thu, 15 Oct 2015 13:05:25 +0000 http://www.mi-corporation.com/?p=17334 Read More]]>  

New Mobile App Platform To Provide Paperless Workflows

Built Specifically With Ease-of-Use & Maximum Workforce User Adoption In Mind

Durham, N.C. – Mi-Corporation today announced the worldwide release of Mi-Apps, a robust, flexible business app built for enterprise organizations that digitizes and streamlines mission critical business processes.

Mi-Apps enables organizations to eliminate paper and provide employees with more efficient mobile app-based processes, empowering them to accomplish more with less, achieve quicker, cleaner data reporting and invoicing, and provide better customer service.

“The benefits that organizations have gained from mobile business technologies speak for themselves,” said Greg Clary, CEO & Co-Founder, Mi-Corporation.

“We’ve worked with businesses to eliminate paper and mobilize processes for more than 15 years and have heard the same complaint over and over again, from all kinds of businesses: paper is inefficient, redundant and error prone, but due to lack of budget, stakeholder buy-in and a struggle with user adoption—no realistic solution has been implemented. With these savvy, forward thinking business leaders in mind, we created Mi-Apps to be scalable, flexible and easy-to-use, to enable organizations to overcome these kinds of hurdles,” said Clary.

Mi-Apps is extremely flexible and can be used for any data collection process, with the most common use cases comprising inspections, sales order entry, and time reporting for workforce accountability.

The types of benefits that Mi-Corporation customers have experienced from mobilizing their data collection processes include:

  • Substantial cost and time savings ($675,000/year in one example)
  • Quicker business cycles (80% fewer steps in one example)
  • New revenue streams (11% higher profit margins in one example)
  • Increased accuracy and accountability (100x more accurate data in one example)
  • Workforce and asset management with real-time insight into business data (same day reporting versus a four-week lag in one example)
  • Happier employees and customers, among other benefits

Mi-Apps gives in-the-field, offline access to enterprise database information, collects rich data (barcodes, photos, voice, GPS coordinates, signatures and more) and handles 100% of enterprise organizations’ complex mobile form & workflow needs, including business rules, routing and approval steps, user management, integration, and data security. Additionally, Mi-Apps can be hosted on-premise or in the secure Microsoft Azure Government or Azure Commercial Cloud, which takes the burden off of IT departments and allows for faster app deployments.

With a passion for making a positive impact on the world with technology, Mi-Corporation leverages strategic partnerships with leading organizations including but not limited to Esri, Intel, Panasonic, Samsung, Xplore Technologies, Anoto, and Microsoft—and was named Microsoft’s 2015 Government: Public Sector Partner of the Year.

>> Learn more about Mi-Apps





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How Tablet-Based Field Inspections Enable Govt. Organizations To Do More With Less http://www.mi-corporation.com/blog/how-tablet-based-field-inspections-enable-govt-organizations-to-do-more-with-less/ http://www.mi-corporation.com/blog/how-tablet-based-field-inspections-enable-govt-organizations-to-do-more-with-less/#comments Thu, 08 Oct 2015 14:41:23 +0000 http://www.mi-corporation.com/?p=17290 Read More]]>  

iCenter_NCDA&CSThank you to everyone who joined us for our recent Microsoft-hosted live webcast featuring longtime Mi-Corporation customer, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.



In case you couldn’t attend, here's a preview of what you missed:


Dwight E. Seal, District Manager, and Travis Snodgrass, Field Inspector, of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services shared their experience moving from a paper-based pesticide inspection process to a Mi-Forms mobile form solution.


The keys to a successful mobile project.


  • Start small, and then expand
  • Clearly state & define your goals in order to measure the project’s success

(TIP: use the results of your first project to help get your next project approved)

  • Get to know your State’s IT personnel to ensure a smooth, compliant process 


  • Invite the project’s stakeholders to take part in the planning process (including IT personnel, field staff/end-users, among others)
  • Work with your team to identify additional ways to optimize the workflow

(TIP: Utilize Mi-Corporation’s free consulting services)


  • Create a repeatable training program to guarantee buy-in from users
  • Measure & identify success metrics to make sure the project is meeting your previously defined goals
  • REPEAT! Discover other areas of your business that could benefit from an optimized, paperless process


NCDA&CS success metrics.

  1. Net taxpayer savings (2012-2014) of $219, 210.70+ (and $72, 791/year moving forward)
  2. 2-4 week process reduced to 1 day with happier citizens, too
  3. Delighted, more productive inspectors (since they no longer carry around binders of paper, never run out of forms, no longer need to enter redundant data, and more)

For more details on the NCDA&CS paperless project:

>> Read the NCDA&CS Case Study


We’d like to thank Dwight and Travis for taking the time to share their mobile project experience with everyone, and to Eric Ellis, CTO of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and Chris Estes, North Carolina State CIO, and the North Carolina Innovation Center for hosting us and making the event possible.


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