Author: David Nakamura

How Will You Measure Success?

More Success

One of our core values at Mi-Corporation is responsive, quality customer focus. Applicable not only to those who directly interact with customers but also to every employee at Mi-Co.

We expect that everyone reflects this core value in their relationships with customers and in the quality of their work with customers. To continuously improve our customer commitment, we've taken another look at our focus on customer relationships and how we can achieve customer success, beyond customer satisfaction.

More Success

Customer satisfaction implies that products and services meet expectations. If I'm satisfied, I'm not necessarily ready for more or thinking about the next step - I'm already "full". There's no incentive to continuously improve what I have because it's working, or my previous "pain" has been removed. Customer success implies a level of expectation met but a hunger for more because you know what it can do to make you successful and grow your business even further. How can we take our accomplishments together to another level?

The measurement of Customer Success isn't just a single metric. Every operational level in an organization has a criteria for success.

  • For subject matter experts out in the field, success might mean a streamlined data collection experience that allows them to focus on the work at hand instead of the technology.
  • For the supervisor, success could mean accurate and timely data collection.
  • For the manager, success could be measured by the ability to obtain near instantaneous reporting, allowing them to adapt their workforce to changes.
  • For company stakeholders, success may involve the realization of a near-term ROI.

Each of these user stories should be taken into consideration when planning for a project and realizing your success isn't just single-sided.

I recently had the opportunity to join a product demonstration call with Gautham Pandiyan, our VP of Sales and Marketing. Gautham engages audiences with an interactive style and one of the key impressions upon me during this web conference was the question "How will you measure the success of your project?" He drew out responses from everyone and demonstrated a commitment to understanding our customer. Some of the answers raised my level of awareness for what the true needs of the customer were and how we might partner in solving issues.

With this in mind, we are committing to deepen our customer relationships at every level. We have identified key areas that will enable us to strengthen customer relationships and lead us both to success.

And how will you measure success? What have you found to be instrumental in strengthening your customer relationships?

The Potential of Wearables in the Enterprise



There's no doubt that the consumer-driven demand for smartphone and tablet devices has impacted the enterprise to find creative mobile solutions for their workforce. Mi-Corporation has enabled organizations to do just that.

With the dawn of a new consumer-driven market for wearable technology, how will this impact businesses and how will Mi-Corporation be a part of this?

Although the HUD technology (pictured below) was fun, it may take a while until it is ready for consumer or business adoption. It’s not exactly subtle…

David N

On the other hand (pun intended)…

FitBit Flex

I've been using a fitness tracker since June 2013 (FitBit Flex and now the Microsoft Band in the past month) and I can see the possibilities for innovation in the workplace with wearables.

  • Hands-free app interaction could assist workers who are operating heavy machinery and may not be able to directly use a phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Location awareness could remind workers of nearby tasks.
  • Although data entry with wearables is limited, speech recognition could allow for guided navigation through a set of questions, such as a safety checklist or routine equipment inspection.

As we look for forward to a new year, the future of technology and its impact on the enterprise is exciting - join us as we move forward!