From Paper to Pixels to an Empowered Mobile Compliance Software Solution

Mobile Compliance Software

If you are familiar with the concepts of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and books by Gino Wickman, entrepreneurs and all business leaders face similar frustrations that include profit woes and inadequate growth. When the six core components; vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction, of any business, are closely examined, regardless of company size, it can easily be said that mobile data has a direct impact on all of them.

Let us examine how mobile data capture and adding a mobile compliance software solution directly affects each of the six core components. To begin, we will look at the first three:

  • Vision
  • People
  • Data

Achieving corporate vision means everyone is on the same page or as they say, ‘rowing in the same direction.’ Not only is leadership responsible for making sure the entire organization is doing just that, but they are responsible to make sure it is habitual and consistent. Realistically, the larger the organization, the more layers of management and delegation, making it very difficult for the C suite to manage the process day to day. In all too many cases, they discover issues long after they began to occur and have already festered into larger problems, resulting in risks and opportunity for profits lost.

Let us look at one example of how the lack of timely and accurate data delivery can negatively affect corporate vision and the people involved directly or indirectly. Regardless of the type of company you work for, it’s likely that ‘safety’ is part of your mission statement or an integral part of your vision statement. See if any of the below looks or sounds familiar:

  • Our employees’ health and safety is priority #1
  • Excellence in safety is equal to our quality, productivity, and profitability
  • Safety is an integral part of everything we do and how we do it
  • Sound safety practices start with people, enforcing safe work processes, consistently
  • Injuries can be prevented
  • Safety and safe practices effect customers and credibility in the community

I am sure one of the above is close to something posted on your company website, on placards out at job sites, inspection vehicles, and in the employee handbook. That said, why would any organization today open themselves up to risks that are associated with a paper process?

Imagine a meat packing facility inspection takes place on a Monday afternoon but those responsible for the safety of our food products do not have visibility to the non-compliance or safety issues until Tuesday afternoon or later. Even if we assume that the paper inspection reports are delivered to the home office and the handwritten data or check boxes are interpreted 100% correctly—AND any manual keyboard processing incorporates zero errors, we’re still left with a significant delay period and a huge opportunity for risk.

In the interim, how much product has left the facility and been made available to a wider distribution channel? How much opportunity has there been for a regulatory body inspector such as OSHA or the FDA to document the same issue(s)? The results of this delay may include injury / health risks; fine; lost confidence from the public, employees and customers; negative front-page publicity; or worse, lawsuits.

By having deployed a digital mobile inspection system, all the above risks can be minimized or even avoided altogether. Now imagine an inspector on a Monday afternoon completes the same facility inspection. The mobile data captured is 100% accurate and the rules engine has ensured all of the data has been recorded, even if the mobile device is offline disconnected from any network. The issues of non-compliance or safety risks that have been noted result in an automatic ‘red flag’ for the user doing the inspection and prompt additional actions to be taken immediately.

If the device is connected, all of these results (data) are instantly communicated to the office where people and systems updates automatically occur. The issues are now completely visible to everyone in the organization who is part of the ‘red flag distribution list and resolution actions can take place within minutes versus days. Crises, fines, and injuries are all avoided. Mobile inspection software became the tool to enforce the process that protected the employees, the public, and even the profits.

Your mobile site inspection process and mobile compliance reporting solution has empowered the people collecting the data that ensures the integrity of your vision.

By making the results accessible and visible on business intelligence graphical dashboards and reports that automatically generate for immediate distribution, the right mobile inspection software provides the knowledge to support the current and create tomorrow’s vision of a safer workplace.  The derivative value of this mobile data enterprise example conquers the next three core components to achieve a healthy, growing business:

  • Issues – easily identified by the timely and accurately delivery of data
  • Process – enforced consistent by the mobile inspection rules engine
  • Traction – taking your vision down to the ground and edge of the enterprise, which makes it real

As it has been said the answer can always be found in the data, assuming it is accurate, available, and easily accessible. Now, issues can be easily identified, discussed, and proactively solved with new embedded processes transparently enforced by your mobile inspection platform. This enables you to tackle them well before they become insurmountable problems.

To quote Gino Wickman, founder of EOS;

"To the degree you focus on strengthening these Six Components as leaders and managers, everything will fall into place moving your business to the top 5 percent.”

See how others have embraced and strengthened these six core components utilizing mobile compliance software for a health growing business.