The New Mi-Analytics Data Module Brings Serious Momentum


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As we announced last month, Version 12 of the Mobile Impact Platform introduced a new module designed to make database population from mobile forms automatic and easy to setup.

Although the Mi-Analytics Data Module was just released on March 15, 2019, we are already observing rapid uptake and serious momentum, especially among our State Agriculture and Oil & Gas industry customers.

For nearly 20 years, customers have praised the Mobile Impact Platform’s ease of use for designing high-quality forms, collecting accurate data, and increasing workforce productivity. However, a question that always remained was, “How do I integrate this new data so that I can report on it?” Now in 2019, we’ve made SQL Server integration as easy as clicking a checkbox.

When you click this box and select a data connection (setup by your administrator), the form is all set to export data to SQL automatically. You don’t need to create tables, relationships, or add any scripting to the form. It all just happens for you.

Data from the form is exported along with field type information (e.g. dates, times, numbers, strings) such that reporting tools can easily aggregate and summarize it. If your form uses grids or image capture, then additional table(s) will be created with relationships to the main table so that they can be easily filtered.

Field additions, deletions, edits, or data type changing is handled automatically for you. You don’t have to spend time altering a SQL schema just because your data collection needs have changed.

Using a reporting tool such as Microsoft’s Power BI or Tableau, dashboards to analyze this data can be created quickly. Dashboards from Power BI can then be uploaded to Mi-Analytics Visualization Module such that they can be quickly and easily shared with others in the organization.

In only its first month, customers such as Georgia Boll Weevil Eradication Program, Nebraska Department of Agriculture, Arkansas Department of Agriculture, and Gulf Interstate Engineering are already seeing the benefits of Mi-Analytics Data Module. Ask us how you can bring this module to your organization, too!