The Potential of Wearables in the Enterprise


There's no doubt that the consumer-driven demand for smartphone and tablet devices has impacted the enterprise to find creative mobile solutions for their workforce. Mi-Corporation has enabled organizations to do just that.

With the dawn of a new consumer-driven market for wearable technology, how will this impact businesses and how will Mi-Corporation be a part of this?

Although the HUD technology (pictured below) was fun, it may take a while until it is ready for consumer or business adoption. It’s not exactly subtle…

David N

On the other hand (pun intended)…

FitBit Flex

I've been using a fitness tracker since June 2013 (FitBit Flex and now the Microsoft Band in the past month) and I can see the possibilities for innovation in the workplace with wearables.

  • Hands-free app interaction could assist workers who are operating heavy machinery and may not be able to directly use a phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Location awareness could remind workers of nearby tasks.
  • Although data entry with wearables is limited, speech recognition could allow for guided navigation through a set of questions, such as a safety checklist or routine equipment inspection.

As we look for forward to a new year, the future of technology and its impact on the enterprise is exciting - join us as we move forward!