Apple Watch: The Details, Speculation and Controversy

apple watch

The Strategy Apple’s curtain of secrecy on the details of its upcoming products are nothing new to technology pundits. Apple fans have begun to embrace the secrecy and the time leading up to major product reveals as much as the products themselves. It has become a strategic win for Apple, a way to get its... Read more ».. Read More »

Check out the latest addition to Microsoft’s

slg tv

Microsoft recently launched a new resource for customers in State and Local Government: is an always-on, on-demand video channel hosted on featuring videos of interest for customers in state and local government. The videos covering a range of topics including: The Microsoft Government Cloud – including Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Dynamics... Read more ».. Read More »

Scaling Mi-Corporation Applications


Mi-Forms has a well documented history of providing mobile solutions for the enterprise, but just how does it scale? Many of our solutions rely on a single IIS web server and a variable number of mobile devices. In fact a customer can have a single server, or even a VM, that hosts Mi-Forms Server on... Read more ».. Read More »

Judging the Tabby Awards – Business 2014 Contest


The ‘Tablet economy’ has arrived in full force and has revolutionized all our lives, while creating an estimated 500,000 jobs in the US alone from Tablet app development. From watching Netflix movies on your couch, to starting to modify spreadsheets in an airport, we’ve all seen the impact of Tablets in our personal & professional... Read more ».. Read More »

Bonjour From the 2014 Government Technology Exhibition and Conference (GTEC)


This past week I had the opportunity to participate in the GTEC conference with our ruggedized mobility partner Motion Computing and over 6,000 other participants to exchange ideas and advance the business of mobile software solutions in the Canadian government. The conference featured keynote addresses, seminars, panels, workshops, round-table discussions and the exhibitor showcase displayed... Read more ».. Read More »

Mobile Devices in the Enterprise – The Lines Continue to Blur

lines blur

As recently as a few years ago, there were very big differences between what smartphones were used for and what tablet devices were used for.  Smartphones were primarily used for tasks such as reading email, checking social media sites, taking photos, playing quick games, sending text messages, and sometimes even making actual phone calls.  Tablets... Read more ».. Read More »

Mi-Enterprise Apps: Mobile App Development Choices

mi-apps cover

One of the positive aspects of Mi-Enterprise Apps is the opportunity for mobile app developers to bring their own familiar coding skillset and gain access to enterprise-grade features such user authentication, data workflow, and offline data access. At Mi-Corporation, the development team is working to develop sample Mi-Enterprise Apps on a variety of platforms to... Read more ».. Read More »

Training for Mobility Success


Replacing paper processes with a mobile data capture system like Mi-Forms can positively impact a business, providing benefits such as increased data accuracy, streamlined workflow and increased worker productivity. But change can be difficult. User adoption is one of the key failure points in mobility projects. Training has a key role to play in user... Read more ».. Read More »

Managed Mobility Services

We take a look this month at the “Managed Mobility Services” market space (sometimes referred to as Enterprise Mobility Management), an important segment given the profusion of mobile devices, mobile apps, mobile back-end as a service (mBaaS) platforms, mobile services and more!  Last year, research firm Gartner published its first MMS Magic Quadrant report, predicting... Read more ».. Read More »

The Importance of Proper Training

Proper Training

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the NCPMI Annual Event at the Raleigh Convention Center.  This is a day-long event for Project Management Professionals that offers a chance to attend a number of project management-related sessions during the day.  The sessions covered a wide range of topics and provided useful information relating to... Read more ».. Read More »