An Intern’s View on Enterprise Mobility

As the cold days of winter slowly come to a close and the light warm breeze of spring begins to blow our way, I sit here at the Mi-Co Durham office reflecting on my first two months here as a technical intern. My first introduction to enterprise mobility was when I was given my development... Read more ».. Read More »

How Will You Measure Success?

More Success

One of our core values at Mi-Corporation is responsive, quality customer focus. Applicable not only to those who directly interact with customers but also to every employee at Mi-Co. We expect that everyone reflects this core value in their relationships with customers and in the quality of their work with customers. To continuously improve our... Read more ».. Read More »

Mapping in Mi-Forms

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend Esri’s Developer Summit in Washington DC. Aside from a chance to visit the nation’s capital near where I attended school (go Terps!), this provided a great resource for providing details on how to more tightly integrate with Esri’s ArcGIS Platform. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can provide... Read more ».. Read More »

The History of Software: Celebrating 60 Years

Software has become a significant part of our everyday lives. For many decades now, innovations in software have been integrated into virtually everything we do. In order to celebrate what now makes the software industry’s 60th year, Capterra created a timeline taking us through the History of Software. Among the esteemed list of software companies, Mi-Corporation... Read more ».. Read More »

Mobile Solutions Affect Employee Recruitment, Retention

employee retention

In recent discussions with various customers, potential customers and others about the many positive impacts mobile data capture solutions have on their organizations, we've spotted a trend among the many benefits realized. The most common benefits mentioned, included: Productivity & revenue boosts Cost savings Improved customer service, amongst others However of late, more emotional and personnel related benefits seem... Read more ».. Read More »

Device Obsolescence

Device Obso

Have you ever heard the phrase “planned obsolescence?” Back in the late 1920’s GM introduced the idea of changing the look of vehicles every year to convince consumers that they need to purchase the newest version of that vehicle. Although critics panned the concept, GM went on to dominate the industry with this very practice. In... Read more ».. Read More »

Microsoft Windows 10: Features We Love

windows 10

As you are probably aware, Microsoft debuted its upcoming Windows 10 operating system last Wednesday, January 21, 2015. Although this wasn’t exactly a first look--Windows 10 has been available as a developer preview for a few months--it’s the first time people are starting to pay attention to what’s next on the combination phone, tablet, and... Read more ».. Read More »

The Potential of Wearables in the Enterprise


There's no doubt that the consumer-driven demand for smartphone and tablet devices has impacted the enterprise to find creative mobile solutions for their workforce. Mi-Corporation has enabled organizations to do just that. With the dawn of a new consumer-driven market for wearable technology, how will this impact businesses and how will Mi-Corporation be a part... Read more ».. Read More »

2014 Holiday Wish List: Apple, Android & Windows Tablets

2014 holiday

If you’re reading this blog post, I can only hope that you've already completed your holiday shopping and that your loved ones are not headed for some last minute holiday stuffed animals, address books, fast food gift cards or other “worst gifts”. If that is the case, fortunately I’m here to help. According to a... Read more ».. Read More »