Microsoft Windows 10: Features We Love

windows 10

As you are probably aware, Microsoft debuted its upcoming Windows 10 operating system last Wednesday, January 21, 2015. Although this wasn’t exactly a first look--Windows 10 has been available as a developer preview for a few months--it’s the first time people are starting to pay attention to what’s next on the combination phone, tablet, and... Read more ».. Read More »

The Potential of Wearables in the Enterprise


There's no doubt that the consumer-driven demand for smartphone and tablet devices has impacted the enterprise to find creative mobile solutions for their workforce. Mi-Corporation has enabled organizations to do just that. With the dawn of a new consumer-driven market for wearable technology, how will this impact businesses and how will Mi-Corporation be a part... Read more ».. Read More »

2014 Holiday Wish List: Apple, Android & Windows Tablets

2014 holiday

If you’re reading this blog post, I can only hope that you've already completed your holiday shopping and that your loved ones are not headed for some last minute holiday stuffed animals, address books, fast food gift cards or other “worst gifts”. If that is the case, fortunately I’m here to help. According to a... Read more ».. Read More »

Enterprise Mobility Projects: Why Bother?

enterprise mobility

In this day and age, mobile devices are mainstream and continue to make big strides in the enterprise. As we start to wrap up 2014, it is useful to look ahead to the coming year to explore what the landscape of enterprise mobility might look like in 2015. Recently, the Enterprise Mobility Exchange and Field... Read more ».. Read More »

Mobility Summit 2015 Keynote Speaker Tony Rizzo on MBaaS

Meet this year’s Mobility Summit keynote speaker Tony Rizzo, Entrepreneur in Residence at Blue Hill Research. Tony Rizzo joined Blue Hill Research in mid-2014 following a 20 month stint heading up TMC’s enterprise and consumer mobility and wearable technology coverage. Prior to TMC, Rizzo spent several years within the mobile vendor community. Before his journey... Read more ».. Read More »

Apple Watch: The Details, Speculation and Controversy

apple watch

The Strategy Apple’s curtain of secrecy on the details of its upcoming products are nothing new to technology pundits. Apple fans have begun to embrace the secrecy and the time leading up to major product reveals as much as the products themselves. It has become a strategic win for Apple, a way to get its... Read more ».. Read More »

Check out the latest addition to Microsoft’s

slg tv

Microsoft recently launched a new resource for customers in State and Local Government: is an always-on, on-demand video channel hosted on featuring videos of interest for customers in state and local government. The videos covering a range of topics including: The Microsoft Government Cloud – including Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Dynamics... Read more ».. Read More »

Scaling Mi-Corporation Applications


Mi-Forms has a well documented history of providing mobile solutions for the enterprise, but just how does it scale? Many of our solutions rely on a single IIS web server and a variable number of mobile devices. In fact a customer can have a single server, or even a VM, that hosts Mi-Forms Server on... Read more ».. Read More »

Judging the Tabby Awards – Business 2014 Contest


The ‘Tablet economy’ has arrived in full force and has revolutionized all our lives, while creating an estimated 500,000 jobs in the US alone from Tablet app development. From watching Netflix movies on your couch, to starting to modify spreadsheets in an airport, we’ve all seen the impact of Tablets in our personal & professional... Read more ».. Read More »