Steadman Philippon Research Institute, the Leading Sports Medicine Institute in the World, uses Tablets with Mi-Forms e-Forms Software to Effectively Capture Critical Research Data

The leading Sports Medicine Research Institute in the world, Steadman Philippon Research Institute in Vail Colorado, replaced their scanning software with real-time mobile capture on Tablets with Mi-Forms e-Forms Software.

Durham, NC (October 10, 2011) – Mi-Co, the mobile information corporation, announced the results of a project today with Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI), one of the leading sports medicine research centers in the world, which has been capturing real-time mobile data with Tablets & Mi-Forms e-Forms software for patient care, research and more for 6 months now and seen a 97.33% reduction in costs of data collection.

The Mi-Forms solution used by both The Steadman Clinic, a world renowned Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Clinic and the Steadman Philippon Research Institute was implemented by Mi-Co partner, Clinical Trial Site Solutions (CTSS), a leader in healthcare systems integration based in Littleton, CO. CTSS positioned the Mi-Forms system as the front-end data capture tool to enable the Clinic’ practicing physicians and their 6 rotating MD fellows each year to utilize Tablets to gather data during real-time patient encounters, as well as during research abstraction into the electronic health record & the databases. Previously this process was done using Teleform scanning software & paper, and cost about $3.75 per patient record. Mi-Forms on Tablets has reduced this data capture cost to just $0.10 per patient record, as quantified by John Hibben, President of CTSS & acting CIO of Steadman Philippon.

The database setup by CTSS to receive Mi-Forms data has now collected information on over 60,000 patients and contains in excess of 50 million data points that will benefit the cause of research into various sports medicine topics, as well as patient encounter information. Since its release in February of 2011, the system has been used to record 3,500 surgeries and 7,500 subjective patient evaluations using devices like Windows Tablet PCs, iPads and others. Steadman Philippon Research Institute, in its continued effort to share and educate other research centers around the world, is planning to expand the use of Mi-Forms to other Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Research Centers in the US and Europe.

Karen Briggs, Director of Clinical Research at Steadman says “The Mi-Forms Solution on Tablets has been a game-changer for us in research and clinical data capture! Our data capture costs have been reduced over 97%, our quality is better and we have information available much quicker. The Mi-Forms system is a winner and has fully replaced our Teleform scanning system for these purposes. We look forward to doing a lot more with Mi-Forms.”
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About Steadman Philippon Research Institute The Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) is dedicated to keeping people of all ages physically active through orthopaedic research and education in arthritis, healing, rehabilitation, and injury prevention. Founded in 1988 by orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Richard Steadman as the Steadman Sports Medicine Foundation, the 501(c)3 charitable organization has influenced the practice of orthopaedics throughout the world. Based in Vail, Colorado, it has become one of the most published organizations in sports medicine research and education