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Digital Transformation for a Safer, Cleaner Transportation Industry


Digital Transformation is not just for vehicles, riders and fares.

Internal operations must be transformed to create a more agile organization and a safer and cleaner environment for riders, drivers and freight. Your mobile work force value and productivity must be multiplied and this can’t be done with existing legacy technologies, and paper based processes. Digitizing all your inspections and mobile data collection functions will act as a force multiplier and ensure greater productivity, easier regulatory compliance and a safer, cleaner transportation system.

What you will learn:

  • How other transportation organizations have achieved fast, accurate inspection and maintenance tasks for fleet and terminals
  • How integrated analytics for your mobile data collections provide analysis and real-time performance measurements for pro-active decision making
  • How major organizations have totally transformed how accident, loss and incident reporting for huge improvements in consistency, quality and throughput
  • How to reduce the manpower required to meet regulatory compliance requirements