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How to Build a Mobile App in NextGen Designer


Join Bob Letzeisen in this webinar as he demonstrates how easy it is to build an app with our drag-and-drop interface.

Our web-based NextGen Designer has been crafted for the “citizen developer,” allowing both professional developers and those with limited technical skills to create robust mobile data capture applications quickly and easily. With the NextGen Designer automating your processes is easier than ever.

The NextGen Designer provides unique features that improve the development experience, such as an intuitive three panel interface which allows the designer to quickly drag and drop a variety of field types onto a design palette, create sections, and preview and test the app within the design tool. Designers save time and lower frustration levels by designing once for deployment across all platforms! Make your forms smart by adding any business rule and data validations using our drag and drop interface.

NextGen Designer features include:

  • Fully customizable forms and apps – no scripting required.
  • True cross-platform support (iOS, Android, Windows).
  • Seamless integration with existing systems & data.
  • Frictionless data replication for easy online/offline operation.
  • Data immediately available in a variety of formats including CSV, XML and PDF.

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