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Why Digital Field Inspections Trump Paper for Agricultural Organizations


Banish your paper forms. Scrap your first generation web/mobile forms. Find out why replacing yesterday's tools with Next Generation Digital Field Inspection Solutions ups your game. If you want your field inspectors and their inspections to be fast, accurate, compliant and downright more convenient, then this webinar is for you. Attend this brief learning session and you will learn:
-The efficiencies to be gained by transforming your current inspection process to a next generation digital one
-How automated workflows and triggers keep business moving without human intervention
-Why built-in data traceability tools make regulatory compliance a breeze and deliver comprehensive audit integrity
-How a convenient digital data capture solution at the point of service streamlines overall operations and data quality in the back office.

By switching to a mobile data collection solution, you can eliminate form errors, reduce bottlenecks, improve business cycles and enable workers to be more productive among other benefits.

Join this webinar for information on mobile apps for agricultural field processes. Hear a real-world success story on how the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services conquered their operational burdens using the award-winning Mi-Forms Field Inspection solution. Organizations today are adopting Mi-Corporation's highly secure, affordable, cloud based, mobile technologies to streamline business operations and improve workforce efficiency.