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Darla Young of IRS named

Mi-Co, the mobile data capture company, presented the 2002 Enterprise Impact Player of the Year Award to Darla Young, Fuel Compliance Officer of the IRS Fuel Excise Tax Division for her suggestions, ideas and feedback on the implementation of the Mi-Forms System at the IRS in the Fuel Excise area.

Jim Clary, CEO of Mi-Co presented the award to Darla at the Awards Assembly of the Mi-Co '03 User Conference held in Research Triangle Park, NC. In his presentation, Clary stated, "Darla's willingness to work closely with Mi-Co on providing suggestions and thoughtful ideas to our technical support and development staff has assisted us greatly in prioritizing and driving new, customer oriented features into the Mi-Forms System. She is truly an impact player."

"Working with Darla is a joy because of her commitment in doing the job right. She keeps us honest with her questions, comments and issues and we like that here at Mi-Co," said David Nakamura, Director of Quality Assurance and Technical Services at Mi-Co.

The IRS started evaluating the Mi-Forms system in 2002 for use in capturing taxpayer and product data related to fuel taxes at weigh stations, fuel terminals, and fuel retail outlets. IRS Fuel Compliance Officers have numerous business processes where data must be collected in a mobile environment for their databases. Their previous approach was to complete paper forms and key them by hand into the database at the end of each shift. They are evaluating Mi-Forms as a way to reduce data entry time. Pilot studies by Fuel Compliance Officers have demonstrated a time savings of as much as 67% of the previously required data entry time.

The Technical Support Division selects the Impact Player of the Year Award each year from nominations made throughout the calendar year from Mi-Co staff, value added resellers and partners.

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