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Donald Smith, Town of Cary named

Mi-Co, the mobile data capture company, presented the 2002 User of the Year Award to Donald Smith, Utility Pretreatment Technician with the Town of Cary. Jim Clary, CEO of Mi-Co presented the award to Mr. Smith at the Awards Assembly of the Mi-Co '03 User Conference held in Research Triangle Park, NC.

In his presentation, Clary stated, "Working with clients like the Town of Cary and, in particular, users like Donald make our jobs at Mi-Co both fun and rewarding. Because Donald has both a solid understanding of the services being provided to meet the needs of the constituents and an outstanding grasp of the use of technology in meeting those needs, we listened carefully when Donald talked. Working with Donald made us aware that he is highly deserving of being named the Mi-Co User of the Year."

Smith was on the project team at the Town of Cary that implemented the Mi-Forms System for collecting data on control mechanisms that manage discharges into the sewer systems and oversees implementation of the fats, oils and greases control ordinance.

"Donald worked with us every step of the way in using the Mi-Forms Form Designer to build an electronic version of a previously structured paper form, testing the Mi-Forms Data Collector running on a Pocket PC, and providing Mi-Co personnel an extensive understanding of the types of data required in the system and the database structures currently used in the town's systems," said David Nakamura, Director of Quality Assurance and Technical Support at Mi-Co.

About Mi-Co
Mi-Co, the mobile data capture company, provides innovative end-to-end enterprise software solutions enabling the wireless capture, storage and communication of forms based and free-form pen-on-paper data for mobile enterprise users. Mi-Co is targeting the Mi-Forms solution to enterprise verticals including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, public safety, and governmental services and has a growing number of customers in these segments. Mi-Co is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. For more information on Mi-Co, visit

About the Town of Cary
Cary is a thriving community in the heart of the Triangle area of North Carolina, between Raleigh and renowned Research Triangle Park. The Triangle area repeatedly has ranked among the top regions in the country to live or work, to find a home or start a business, to raise a family or retire.
On the whole, Caryites are a blessed, hard-working group with one of the highest median household incomes in the state. And being no further than 20 minutes from major universities such as Duke, North Carolina State, and the University of North Carolina, it's no wonder that education is an important part of Cary life. More than two-thirds of adults hold a college degree. Nearly 9 in 10 citizens have access to the Internet in this, the Technology Town of North Carolina. For more information visit