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Mi-Co Chief Technology Officer to Present on Mobile Data Entry for Clinical Trials at Radiological Society of North America's Annual Meeting

Click here to download Dr. Clary's Presentation (3 MB)

Chicago, IL and Research Triangle Park, NC November 30, 2004. At the 90th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), Elodia Cole of UNC and Dr. Greg Clary, CTO of Mi-Co will present findings of a study comparing mobile data entry systems. The National Institute of Health's National Cancer Institute funded the research.

The presentation at the RSNA meeting will focus on the use of digital writing processes in the collection of mammography clinical trials data. The study was designed to determine and compare the speed and accuracy of selected mobile electronic data entry platforms.

Four mobile electronic data entry platforms were tested: a standalone PDA, a Tablet PC, a hybrid PDA/digitizer tablet and a Digital Pen. Standard paper data entry was used as control and the forms content was taken from UNC mammography interpretation worksheets. Mi-Co's Mi-Forms Software was used to convert, verify and validate the handwriting data collected by all four platforms.

The study concluded that the Tablet PC and the Digital Pen platforms were equally fast and easy-to-use data entry methods. In addition, Mi-Forms software for both the Tablet PC and the Digital Pens handled handwriting capture and conversion more accurately and in significantly less time than manual keyboard and mouse data entry.

The presentations will be given by the authors in both a Scientific Papers Session of the conference as well as in the Mobile Computing Pavilion. Presentations are repeated multiple times to accommodate the over 50,000 attendees.

Copies of Dr. Clary's presentation is now available on the Mi-Co web site. Click here to download Dr. Clary's Presentation (3 MB)

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