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Mi-Co Further Enables eClinical Data Collection Solutions

Mi-Corporation is pleased to announce a new addition to our powerful eClinical data collection solutions with Formedix Transform for Mi-Forms.

Formedix, is an industry-leading developer of clinical trial automation solutions.   Mi-Co worked with Formedix to help expand their Transform for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) product line.

Formedix Transform for Mi-Forms, allows integration with the widely-used mobile EDC system Mi-Forms and allows users to build Mi-Forms studies from within Formedix Origin. Mi-Forms stands out from other EDC systems as its focus is on allowing companies to run completely paperless trials using innovative mobile technologies such as tablets and digital pens.

As well as reducing study setup time by allowing instantaneous visualization of Mi-Forms eCRFs as they are designed, Transform for Mi-Forms also covers 100% of the export functionality from Mi-Forms’ design tool. In addition, study builds are automated and drag-and-drop reuse is enhanced through the use of portable, vendor-neutral CDISC designs.

Mark Wheeldon, CEO of Formedix, welcomed the latest in his firm’s line of vendor-neutral tools. “The addition of Transform for Mi-Forms to our Transform series gives CROs and sponsors even greater choice when selecting an EDC system” he said. “It means that users only need to be trained up in one tool, and it will allow them to execute their studies in a variety of systems.

“Time and cost savings for trial design and build are what Formedix software is all about, and we pride ourselves in achieving that for our users.”

Gautham Pandiyan, VP of Sales and Marketing at Mi-Corporation, said: “Transform for Mi-Forms is an innovative and exciting tool that will benefit Mi-Forms users and mobile-friendly life sciences organizations greatly, making it easier to design once and deploy often to standard EDC, Mi-Forms Mobile EDC and more. Given that Mi-Forms has produced 100x more accurate data and reduced process steps by 80% for customers, we are excited about the value Transform for Mi-Forms will bring to our ecosystem.”