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Mi-Co tapped to develop interface software for new ThinkPad TransNote

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC (February 20, 2001) -- Mi-Co - developer of handwriting solutions for wireless platforms - today announced it is the provider of interface software for the new ThinkPad TransNote portfolio notebook computer.

Mi-Co technology will expand the personal and enterprise functionality of the portfolio notebook computer by providing a new WorkPad interface, supporting a variety of key vertical applications, and offering handwritten messaging capabilities.

"Our current development work on wireless, handwriting capture messaging meshes well with IBM's direction for its new offering," said Jim Clary, Mi-Co's co-founder and CEO. "Providing our mobile handwriting technology and expertise in messaging and forms capture will certainly extend the functionality and features of TransNote. We're excited to partner with them as they bring portfolio notebook computing to the mainstream business world."

"We are working closely with technology providers to expand the possibilities of what can be done with the Think Pad TransNote," said Rick McGee, vice president of mobile brand marketing, IBM Personal Computing Division. "They bring to us the critical expertise that will make it the ideal solution for industries where handwritten notes and forms are the way business is done."

The ThinkPad TransNote integrates paper and ink with a mobile computer. Its versatile form factor features a ThinkPad mobile computer with touch-screen and the ThinkScribe digital notepad that captures handwritten notes and transfers them to the computer where they can be organized and searched.

Mi-Co's handwriting capture solutions consist of a combination of hardware, software and application services. Mi-Forms - Mi-Co's unique forms-based technology - enables easy and efficient wireless data input for a number of vertical industries including medical, banking/insurance, legal, public safety and CRM. Mi-Messages is a service that allows users to efficiently transmit information wirelessly - via standard e-mail applications - from PDAs, SmartPhones and handheld computers to other PDAs, personal computers or faxes. Mi-Co also offers Mi-NotePad, a product that enables handheld mobile device users to digitally capture and store, free-form and form-based handwriting and sketches.


About Mi-Co
With offices in Research Triangle Park, NC, Mi-Co (pronounced "my co" and short for "Mobile Internet" corporation) offers intuitive handwriting solutions for the Mobile Internet including data capture, storage and communication. Mi-Co's solutions use handwriting technology to make Mobile Internet devices easier to use for enterprise professionals, business users and consumers.

The company's founders - James Clary and Gregory Clary - formed Mi-Co by combining their experience in electronics, handwriting-capture technology, PDAs, handheld computers and SmartPhones. For more information, visit


About ThinkPad

IBM ThinkPad continues to lead the way in delivering enhancements, innovations and solutions that have shaped and defined the mobile computing industry. To date, more than 10 million Think Pad notebooks have been shipped. Since the launch of the Think Pad 700C in 1992, these acclaimed notebook computers have been lauded as design and engineering models, winning more than 650 industry awards. Think Pad notebooks have been trusted for use in some of the world's most extreme settings, including space shuttle launches and the new International Space Station Alpha, altitudes more than 17,000 feet above sea level and on the open seas.