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Mobility Summit Speaker Spotlight: Derek Brameyer


Meet Derek Brameyer


Derek Brameyer, WillowTree IncCompany: WillowTree Inc.

Title: Vice President of Operations

Handles the growth and operations of WillowTree's first expansion office in Durham, NC. He promotes WillowTree's development talent to the community, leads engagements with clients and stakeholders, and manages development and design teams.

1. How long have you been in your industry or in your current position?

I have been with WillowTree Inc. for 5 years.

2. What's the biggest change you've seen in your industry with regard to technology?

One of the biggest changes is the push for business apps to have consumer-level design. End users expect to be delighted and engaged when using mobile apps, regardless of whether they're checking work email, logging work tasks, or browsing their Instagram feed.

3. What's your most used business app?

Pocket Casts by Shifty Jelly. It's an Android app for podcasts and has some really great features, like skipping periods of silence and increasing playback speed. It also downloads new episodes for you automatically so you can listen regardless of whether you have data or not.

4. What's your favorite non-business app?

Tapet. An Android live wallpaper app that procedurally generates backgrounds for your phone. You get some really nice looking wallpapers that fit well with the Android's Material design themes.

5. What new or up-coming technology are you most excited about?

I'm definitely most excited about the possibilities of virtual reality. We've seen the screen getting closer and closer to people, providing more immersive experiences, and virtual reality, when done right, is going to produce an unparalleled level of realism for people to experience new things.

6. How has mobile technology improved business for you and/or your customers?

Our business is defined by mobile technology. WillowTree is shaped by the evolution of mobile hardware and software. The biggest impact this has has on us is that we need to be as fluid as the mobile industry is. When new technology appears, or when new products are released, it's critical that WillowTree adapts and adopts quickly to maintain our position as an industry leader. It's a very exciting and difficult challenge.

7. What's your favorite "throwback" technology?

Old data storage formats like MiniDisc, the Zip drive, and the Jaz drive.

8. Any other fun or interesting facts about yourself?

I'm an avid lego enthusiast, and Taylor Swift fan.