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Relizon Helps Palace Entertainment Boost Safety and Legal Compliance at Amusement Parks

Research Triangle Park, NC, August 26, 2003 - Relizon, in its continuing goal to identify and drive best practices with its customers, announced today the implementation of a mobile data capture and analysis system for Palace Entertainment to help increase the efficiency and timeliness of its safety and maintenance information. Relizon worked with Mi-Co, a leading mobile data capture software company, to provide the solution.

"We want to ensure that our customers receive the best service and support from our staff and corporate offices at all of our parks - regardless of the physical location," said Gary Fitzpatrick, chief legal counsel of Palace Entertainment. "The system implemented by Relizon and its technology provider, Mi-Co, lets us have real-time notices and electronic records in our home office from every park on the same day so that we can make quick and cost-effective corporate decisions."

Relizon analyzed the customer's business and recognized that Palace Entertainment needed a mobile way to fill out forms in parks across the country so the home office could keep up with safety issues on a daily basis. For efficient and effective mobile data capture, they implemented the Mi-Forms Software System from Mi-Co. The Mi-Forms System allows for the capture of data in a mobile environment by providing data capture software on a number of devices including PDAs and Tablet PCs, converting handwritten data into digital form, verifying that data to ensure accuracy, and then sending that data to back end systems for analysis.

"One of the biggest challenges in this type of business process is finding solutions that effectively improve data capture and processing for mobile customers. The Mi-Forms data collection system provides a secure and accurate system for collecting data in a mobile environment where the work force is not just sitting at a PC," said Sharon Williamson, Relizon's director of brand management and communications.

"In all of our implementations of the Mi-Forms System we have two overriding goals," said Barrett Joyner, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing at Mi-Co. "Number one, increase the efficiency of the data capture process, and two, increase the quality of the data captured within the process. Relizon's implementation at Palace Entertainment meets these two goals, plus it positively impacts the documentation of maintenance and incident records."

The Mi-Co Solution at Palace Entertainment

Palace Entertainment has daily safety checklists that keep track of the daily inspections performed on all park equipment to maintain the company's high safety and maintenance standards. Electronic reports also track any incidents involving guest safety and simultaneously provide the corporate office and park with digital records to process insurance and legal paperwork. Safety maintenance records, including electronic signatures, are captured digitally using Mi-Co's Mi-Forms software. This provides an effective and timely maintenance record, while relieving the parks and corporate office of the expense of managing paper documents.

The Mi-Forms Solution from Mi-Co allows:


  • Daily safety checklists and mobile electronic signature capture to document guest incidents 
  • Robust and secure storage and retrieval of paper records and associated data like park name, park response, date, and time 
  • Full audit trail support to maintain the integrity of the maintenance and signature records 

"We are excited about Relizon's application of Mi-Co software at Palace Entertainment because it demonstrates the effective use of our technology to provide a significant return on investment," said Greg Clary, chief technology officer at Mi-Co.

About Mi-Co

Mi-Co provides innovative end-to-end enterprise solutions enabling the wireless capture, storage and communication of forms based and free-form pen-on-paper data for mobile enterprise users. Mi-Co is targeting the Mi-Forms solution to enterprise verticals including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, public safety, and governmental services and has a growing number of customers in these segments. Mi-Co is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. For more information on Mi-Co, visit

About Palace Entertainment

Palace Entertainment is the largest family entertainment center and waterpark operator in the U.S. with 37 parks and over 12 million visitors annually. Palace Entertainment waterparks include; Wet 'N Wild in Las Vegas NV and Greensboro NC, Raging Waters in San Dimas and San Jose CA, Splish Splash in Riverhead NY, Big Kahuna's in Destin FL, Water Country in Portsmouth NH, Mountain Creek in Vernon NJ and Wild Waters in Ocala FL. Palace Entertainment also owns Boomers, Castle Park, Silver Springs, Malibu Grand Prix, Mountasia, and Speedzone family entertainment parks in CA, TX, FL, GA, and

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