Getting Started

Thanks for your interest in our demo software, Mi-Inspections. If you haven’t already downloaded the app, you can do so here

Getting Familiar with NextGen Designer


After downloading Mi-Inspections, you’ll then login using the credentials and URL provided when you completed the Mi-Inspections sign-up process.

Our low-code NextGen Designer is a web-based tool that enables you to create and edit forms quickly and easily with drag-and-drop functionality.

Try out the sample forms available to you or create your own. Drag-and-drop fields, create form sections, add rules, and publish your forms today.


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Homepage Overview

The NextGen Designer homepage provides a list of forms along with their status information. See when each form was last modified, who made the modification, form status and available form actions. Edit, download, copy a template or deactivate a published form.

New Design Overview

Create a new form by clicking the “Start New Design” button. On the New Design Overview page, you’ll find form navigation at the top and a three-panel interface below. On the left is the Form Field Palette from which form fields can be dragged into the middle panel or Design Surface. On the right is the Properties Panel.

Tip: Be sure to save regularly throughout the design process.


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Create a New Form 

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Start a New Form Design

After clicking the Start New Design button, name the new form and provide a brief description. Select from multiple field types in the Form Fields Palette on the left-hand side and drag-and-drop fields onto the Design Surface

Take time to familiarize yourself with the variety of available form fields, such as the single line edit, multi-line edit, radio buttons, drop down menus, and checkboxes.

Edit and Configure Form Fields

Use the Properties Panel on the right-hand side to edit and configure the form fields. It’s important to note that Field IDs cannot start with a number.

It’s a recommended best practice to give your Field IDs clear, logical names. This will make assigning rules much easier later in the process.

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Create Form Sections

Having good section design increases form efficiency.

When designing your forms, use sections to reflect your actual workflow. Group fields as they naturally occur. 

At the bottom of the Design Surface, there is a blue Section bar. Click the Section name to open an editing view that allows you to move sections, add new sections, and edit existing sections.

Preview Your Forms

Use the Preview tab at the top of the page to view your forms in Preview mode. This gives you the chance to see how your form looks to the end-user. Preview can display table, phone, or desktop views.

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Publish Your Forms

Once you've finished creating your form by adding, editing and defining your fields, easily publish your new form by clicking the Publish button in the upper right.

Open the Mi-Inspections app on your single device to access your published forms.

Download our Getting Started document for additional information on rules, logic and validation. Need more help or
have any additional questions? Contact us or schedule a demo today!