Mi-Analytics: Mobile Data Collection App

What Insight Do You Have Into Your Business Data?

If your organization is anything like most other companies that exist today, you're probably collecting all kinds of business data related to your mission-critical operations but you're not utilizing this data to its full extent. What insight do you have into your business data


Mi-Analytics: Mobile Data Collection

Organize and Analyze Your Data 

Mi-Analytics is a highly customizable reporting dashboard. It accepts data from both our Mobile Impact Platform and Mi-Inspections,  our mobile inspection software, as well as accepting data from other systems such as Oracle databases and other ERP systems.  Empower your organization to make decisions based on aggregate data from across your enterprise.

Big Data Can Provide Big Benefits To Your Business

Mi-Analytics gives users real-time insight into their company operations by taking the data collected through the Mobile Impact Platform and other enterprise resources and breaking it down into meaningful reports and dashboards. This enables businesses to discern patterns and make better decisions.

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With Mi-Analytics, understanding your data just got a whole lot easier:

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Monitor your field personnel’s inspections, jobs & performance; see where they were done, how long it took, sort them by facility and more.


Measure QA/QC defects and drive business insights that can improve work force productivity.


Provide executives a quick glance at the health of your critical operations & business data.

How It Works

The Mi-Analytics solution was built to help you setup custom charts and reports rapidly, and works with imported data from any data source.

Step 1: Analyze your data collection business processes and workflows to decide what kind of reports are most important to your bottom line.

Step 2: Once your charts are created, pair Mi-Analytics with a mobile data capture solution, such as Mi-Apps, to automatically begin pulling data from your existing database into your charts.

It's that easy!



  • Inspection Reports — create charts that report how many inspections were completed in a given date range, by inspector, inspection site, length of inspection process, or even by inspection sites that only reported errors
  • Employee Timesheet Reports — create charts that show reports of each employee or crew and their time worked on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for more accurate and efficient scheduling
  • Predictive Maintenance — create a dashboard that shows common errors reported at inspection sites in order to spot trends and create a plan in advance for solving future issues as quickly as possible for maximum uptime