On-Site with Transport for London

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Mi-Corporation on-site with Transport for London

Mi-Corporation and Transport for London (TfL) recently teamed-up for TfL’s second Mi-Forms mobile forms rollout to more than 27,000 users!

Transport for London, established in 2000, is the government body responsible for much of the transportation in the Greater London area in England—the image of London’s iconic red, two-story buses comes to mind.

Transport for London Bus

TfL services the entirety of London's 8.4 million (and growing) residents through their three main units of transportation:

1. Surface transport (buses, cycling, river services, streets, coaches, taxis, etc.)

2. Rail and underground transport (underground, overground, light railway, tram, Emirates Air Lines, TfL Rail)

3. Crossrail (in conjunction with the Department for Transport)

In early 2014, TfL released a competitive worldwide RFP in search of a mobile forms solution that could provide them with the flexibility, scalability, and security needed for a large-scale, and growing governmental operation. Mi-Corporation won the bid with our design for a series of 16 mobile form apps, beating out larger businesses due to the security, efficiency and integrative capabilities of our mobile forms solution.

To check-in on the second rollout and to see our solution in action, Mi-Corporation CEO, Greg Clary, traveled across the pond for an on-site visit with the TfL team.

Here are some of the highlights from his experience:

Greg, Kevin (also of Mi-Corporation) and members of the TfL team shadowed a TfL Inspector, Phil, (who is responsible for checking the work of contractors who clean the trains of the London Underground) as he used Mi-Corporation's software to record inspection data—this is but one example of how TfL uses Mi-Corporation's software.

Phil really knows the business and what TfL is trying to accomplish, and he prefers Mi-Forms on iPads much more than traditional paper forms. On May 19, 2015 we rode the Central Line of the London Underground to the east end of the line.

Six trains on the central line are “deep cleaned” in a depot nightly, with another 35-40 being cleaned at a level below that and another 35-40 being swept and dusted. Phil performed an “in-service inspection” of a car and a “license check” inspection and told us about a waste management inspection occurring at stations.

Transport for London: Inspecting for Graffiti

Phil is looking for graffiti like the faint graffiti pictured here above the door handle, and other uncleanliness. Any graffiti can be removed at night.

Transport for London Mobile Inspections

To record inspection findings, the TfL inspectors use Mi-Corporation’s Mi-Forms software and iPads to record the train car number, a photo of the graffiti and other metadata, as pictured above.

Transport for London Mobile Forms and Inspections

Phil and the other inspectors checking the work authorization card of a contractor (“license check” inspection) and recording the check in the Mi-Forms software.

Using Mi-Forms and iPads, Phil and the other inspectors can more easily send notices of problems to the contractors. TfL management and inspectors have greater visibility into cleaning and inspection processes and into how particular contracting companies are doing. Using Mi-Forms, TfL management and inspectors get data, summary reports and charts in a much more timely way.

We are proud to count Transport for London among our family of customers for whom we optimize mission-critical business processes. Transport for London moves over 3 million passengers per day on the London Underground alone. By ensuring trains are safe, clean, and on-time, TfL positively impacts the world! We are delighted to provide an assist.

The Transport for London Network Operations Center

The TfL Network Operations Center

To learn more about our work with Transport for London, read our official press release.