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Mobilizing Your Mission Critical Inspection Processes

Eliminate paperwork, improve reporting accuracy, save time and reduce costs.

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Improve Data Accuracy

Improve Data Accuracy

Make sure you have the right data every time.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Spend more time on inspections and less time on paperwork.

Ensure Compliance

Ensure Compliance

Guarantee data integrity and security.

Gain Insights

Gain Insights

Turn data into valuable insights that help grow your business.

Mobile Impact Platform

Mi-Corporation’s Mobile Impact Platform is a comprehensive toolkit for building secure mobile inspection applications that integrate with your enterprise systems.



With our drag and drop interface, build custom mobile forms for smartphones, tablets, as well as digital pen and paper interfaces.



Preload relevant data in advance, then quickly capture text, photos, barcodes, GPS coordinates, voice, signatures and more.



Seamlessly integrate your mobile forms with your enterprise applications. Establish business rules for approvals and routing.



Gain real-time insights into your critical business data for faster decision making and improved operational efficiency.

Serving a Broad Range of Industries

The Department of Transportation will use mobility and smart forms to modernize its field data collection system at its Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, helping to move critical traffic safety information to its analysts faster and more efficiently.

It’s not just about the money [saved]. The speed, the time, the accuracy — that kind of thing is improving — and it’s just a much cleaner system.

-Dwight E. Seal, Western District Manager


Instead of spending 30 minutes of a 60 minute inspection filling out forms, inspectors spend 10 minutes on forms, which increase the quality of time spent onsite.

-Doug Edwards, Project Technician, Office of Pesticide Services, VDACS


This is a great tool for regulatory purposes. The challenge for us in the past has been getting the data from the field into our database systems

-Shelly Adams, Environmental Specialist with Baker Energy


Missing or incorrect data is by and large a thing of the past as we can now mandate entry of key information into digital forms.

 -Joshua Kumpf, Data Configuration Specialist and lead Mi-Forms developer of IDCRP

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