Partnerships, and why they matter.

A partnership means that your business has access to new products, can reach new markets, and expand into new territories to increase value and loyalty to your customers. Our partnerships are built on the core principles of value, trust, continuity, technology leadership, and communication. Value to our partners and their customers Trust in each other to drive towards a common goal Continuity, we... Read More »

Licensing & Permitting for State Agriculture and Building & Construction

One of the fastest-growing plants and one of the first to be spun into usable fiber 50,000 years ago, hemp was a prominent crop in the United Stated until 1937. The 2014 Agricultural Act, also known as the 2014 Farm Bill, allows universities and state agriculture departments to cultivate industrial hemp, as long as it is cultivated and used for research. These universities and state departments... Read More »

2020 Summer Interns

Even amidst the uncertainties and physical distancing brought by COVID-19, Mi-Corporation continued our tradition of incorporating summer interns into our team. The Operations team welcomed Josh Guo and Sid Madala, both undergrads at Duke University majoring in Computer Science and Statistics. They immersed themselves in our daily development work and contributed to numerous projects, including... Read More »

We Celebrate Chris DiPierro's Twentieth Anniversary

In honor of Chris DiPierro’s Twentieth Anniversary with Mi-Co, we had a great virtual chat where he shared a bit about his background, what he likes most about his job, and his interest in curling. I was fascinated to learn that he created an astronomy “app” before apps were a thing. Read More »

North Carolina Department of Agriculture Revamps Pesticides Mobile Form Solution

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture (NCDA) has been a long time customer, deploying a mobile forms-based solution for pesticides inspections more than ten years ago. That solution designed for pen-centric Windows-based Tablet PCs has helped to keep the citizens of North Carolina safe. The thousands of data points captured in the field and approved in the office ensured that pesticides... Read More »

Our Low-Code Platform is Helping Gulf Companies

A low-code application platform (LCAP) is software that provides a development environment used to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming. Read More »

A Customer, Partner, and Now Employee

Anniversary Interview: Bob Letzeisen In celebration of Bob’s fifth anniversary with Mi-Corporation, I sat down with him to talk about his career, his time with the company and some personal interests. Let’s talk about your background and your career. After getting out of the US Navy, I spent time in the music business driving, delivering and selling pianos and organs. Following that, I joined the... Read More »

Low-Code Inspection App Development Enables High Productivity

To Code or Not to Code?  That is the question. Is it nobler in the minds of CIOs to suffer the slings and arrows of those who cannot get apps fast enough or supply them with a low-code development solution that empowers the business to build their own? Read More »

Thankful for their Work at Mi-Corporation: Chris DiPierro and David Nakamura

This month, we pause in this space to express our thanks and to honor two employees who have been with us for 19 years and are each in their 20th year with our company. We are grateful for the many dedicated efforts of Chris DiPierro and David Nakamura. They always go the extra mile, and they really make things happen for our customers. Read More »

"Home, Home on the Range..." A CEO Goes Back to His Roots - (but he did forget his boots)!

As the fall season approached, Greg Clary and I went on a road trip out west to visit with folks at the Idaho State Police (ISP) – Brand Board Office, a staff of professionals who oversee millions of cattle each year. We timed the visit based on the office staff going live with the new Mi-Corporation Livestock Identification, Brand Recording and Disease Traceability Software System featuring the... Read More »