Mobile Business Apps and Forms for Every Industry

Mi-Corporation knows that focus creates strength. That’s why we focus on serving the unique needs of the Testing, Inspection and Certification industry with our mobile business apps and forms in ways that can’t be matched by others. Inspectors from both commercial and government organizations have chosen our Mobile Impact Platform because they realized our technology strength (10 patents) and laser focus on improving the speed, quality and reliability of the end to end inspection management process is unmatched in the industry.

We have served virtually every element of the inspection market from Federal, State and Local government agencies to the world’s largest commercial inspection firms. We have covered every aspect of inspections from inspecting people, processes to things of every sort.

Solutions for Transportation, Construction, Agriculture, Health, Environmental Consulting, Energy Inspections, and more!

Agriculture – helping commercial companies make better products through faster, more accurate crop inspections; assisting government agencies in administering all of their field-based in spections and functions.

Energy – empowering your field workers to be more accurate and productive--even while offline--by swapping paper data collection processes for a mobile data solution.

Environmental Consulting- ensuring that your information is safe, secure and efficiently processed for accelerated reporting – resulting in faster invoicing and reduced cash cycle time.

Government – serving many Federal, State & Local agencies. From the USDA to USDOT to numerous State-related agencies. We mobile enable many functions of the US Military across the globe. All of these solutions are tailored to mobile data collection and field testing, inspection and certification. Learn about our GSA contract and ready ability to sole source justify our unique solutions.

Construction – streamlining core functions like code compliance, building inspection, safety regulation adherence & field reporting.

Transportation – automating field workers in areas like accident investigation, station cleanliness, cabin safety and ticketing.

Health – accelerating core inspections from restaurant investigations to HIPAA compliance to field clinical assessments.