The Trusted Mobile Data Compliance Solution for State Agriculture

Your work is essential to public safety, the health of livestock, and the environment where we live and work. For agriculture inspection, you deserve the best tools available. We're here to ensure that your information is secure and efficiently processed for accelerated reporting and deeper insights.

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Proven Success in State, Federal and Commercial Applications

Streamline Your Inspection Process 

Regardless of the type of inspections you perform, it is a safe bet that there is a direct effect on the environment or consumer safety. Whether it is the food we grow, the products we eat, or the well-being of the animals we care for, streamline your inspection process with our mobile-first digital solution to enable your organization to complete more inspections, increase data accuracy and report on data collected in real-time.


Mi-Corporation Helps USDA Switch from Paper to Mobile Data Collection

With increasing threats from cattle diseases, the USDA needed a fail-proof mobile data collection solution that would add speed and flexibility to the process and deliver greater peace of mind to government officials and US consumers alike.

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Timely and Accurate Compliance Reporting

Timely and accurate compliance reporting starts with the guarantee that your organization has captured the data accurately and has the ability to present a single transactional data set in as many ways as needed, all with the ease of Microsoft Office mimicked functionality.

Supporting Safety and Quality

Regulatory reporting at the State and Federal levels is critical for supporting safety and quality. Whether it is product meant for human consumption or the protection of school playgrounds from over-sprayed pesticides by unlicensed professionals, data reporting drives early warning systems and helps develop risk avoidance strategies as well as emergency response plans.

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Data Analysis and Visualization 

The answer can always be found in the data, however, when it is on paper, buried in PDFs, or even stored in shared spreadsheets, it is nearly impossible to find it in a timely manner. In order to quickly export and review the data and gain predictive analysis insights from large data sources, a graphical visualization engine allowing easy point and click access to filter through the mounds of reportable data is needed.


Getting the Data – The First Time!

Data quality is a huge success factor of any business, but in Agriculture, lost or incomplete data can result in human injury or disease epidemics which can create unsafe environments for even the basics such as drinking water. When users miss collecting all of the data or, as in the case of manual systems, manual entry of data creates errors on mission critical reports, the results can be alarming.

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"It's not just about the money saved. The speed, the time, the accuracy...that kind of thing is improving and it's just a much cleaner system."

Dwight Seal, Western District Manager, North Carolina Department of Agriculture


Field Investigators Improve Accuracy, Efficiency and Professionalism with Mobile Forms

Field investigators in Virginia’s Office of Pesticide Services now carry tablet computers loaded with digital forms that we created. By using a mobile solution based on the Windows operating system and our software, inspectors have improved data accuracy and efficiency. In addition to this, the agency has saved thousands of dollars per year on paper-related costs and IT consulting fees.

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“Instead of spending 30 minutes of a 60 minute inspection filling out forms, inspectors spend 10 minutes on forms, which increases the quality of time spent onsite.”

Doug Edwards, Project Technician, Office of Pesticide Services, VDACS


A comprehensive solution for building secure mobile forms and applications that handles 100% of your mobile data collection needs at the speed of agricultural commerce.

Features include:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly platform for today’s mobile workforce
  • Routing and approval for mobile forms, seamless integration, complete security, with offline syncing and data replication
  • Modern, scalable, robust technology that grows with your organization
  • Fully customizable for your needs and support across platforms, along with immediate data availability to multiple document formats

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Mobile impact platform

Our web-based NextGen Designer has been crafted for the “citizen developer,” allowing both professional developers and those with limited technical skills to create robust mobile data capture applications quickly and easily. With the NextGen Designer automating your processes is easier than ever.

NextGen Designer features include:

  • Fully customizable forms and apps – no scripting required.
  • True cross-platform support (iOS, Android, Windows).
  • Seamless integration with existing systems & data.
  • Frictionless data replication for easy online/offline operation.
  • Data immediately available in a variety of formats including CSV, XML and PDF.

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Mobile impact platform

The most intuitive data capture workflow technology available on the market to speed up and simplify all your work from the field to the office to the customer.

Features include:

  • Field inspectors gain more time in the day due to mobile capture and prefill form capabilities even while offline
  • Teams increase number of inspections per hour, driving results to the bottom line
  • Management receives immediate and meaningful analysis of results and team performance
  • Enterprise class scaling ensures security and manageability

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Building Field Inspection

A highly customizable reporting dashboard for business executives that integrates data from mobile systems or other databases. Understanding your data just got a whole lot easier.

Features include:

  • Provides real-time insight into agricultural data collection compliance reporting through Mi-Apps or other enterprise resources
  • Discern patterns and make better business decisions for healthy operations
  • Monitor field personnel in real time to increase productivity
  • Reports for inspections, timesheets, and trend analysis increase ROI

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Enter the Mobile Impact Platform and Start Your 14 Day Trial

The Mobile Impact Platform is an intuitive, user-friendly mobile data capture platform that handles 100% of your mobile form needs, including routing and approval steps, integration, user management, offline syncing and data replication, and data security.   It’s built on the same modern, scalable, and robust technology as Facebook's mobile app.

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Want to learn more about how going mobile can cut costs, improve data quality, and supercharge reporting? Download our flyer to learn more about common problems in the agriculture industry and how going mobile can improve your processes and increase ROI so that you can focus on safety.

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