The Leader in Government Inspection Solutions

The Mobile Impact Platform is a flexible and robust software solution that enables a variety of government entities and other organizations to custom-build inspection solutions to improve workforce efficiencies, increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase profits. In State Agencies, such as agriculture, our customers perform inspections for pesticide licensing,... Read More »

No Connection? No Problem! Collect & Pre-Fill Mobile Data While Offline

If you've got team members in the field or on the go, the concept of mobile data capture is something that is probably top of mind. Whether you already have a solution in place or you're considering a change to your mobile data strategy, the challenge of collecting, accessing and reporting on offline information can seem like an uphill climb. You need a mobile solution... Read More »

The Critical Importance of User Adoption

Today we live in a world in which firms in various types of industries are adopting mobile technology to facilitate business practices that allow for faster, cleaner data capture & access, streamlined processes and improved productivity for employees not constrained by paper. This technology has become increasingly flexible, with the advancements made by mobile solutions... Read More »