No Connection? No Problem! Collect & Pre-Fill Mobile Data While Offline

Offline Mobile Data Collection

If you've got team members in the field or on the go, the concept of mobile data capture is something that is probably top of mind. Whether you already have a solution in place or you're considering a change to your mobile data strategy, the challenge of collecting, accessing and reporting on offline information can seem like an uphill climb.

You need a mobile solution that can pull in existing data from multiple enterprise data sources at one time, while allowing employees to access that data offline and keep it "fresh" so they're always working with the most up-to-date information available.

But how can you make it happen when connectivity is often a challenge and your team members are constantly making updates?

Download your copy of our complimentary Offline Mobile Data Solution Field Guide to learn everything you need to know about Mi-Corporation's offline data collection solutions and capabilities.