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Streamlining Field Data Capture Processes with the Microsoft Government Cloud

Government agencies wanting to streamline their internal processes, boost productivity and produce tax payer savings, are increasingly turning to cloud solutions to do so quicker & more cost-effectively. Foregoing the cost of maintaining & running internal data centers, recruiting IT staff to manage infrastructure and focus more on the needs of business users is pushing a lot of Agencies to become "Cloud-First" organizations. 

Join this webinar to learn how Agencies can streamline Field Data Capture processes with Mi-Corporation's mobile software solutions hosted from the Microsoft Cloud for Government to see benefits like 80% fewer steps in business processes, getting 100x more accurate data, and seeing $220,000 in cost savings. Agencies like the NC Department of Agriculture, Transport for London, the US Department of Agriculture have seen such benefits with Mi-Corporation's solutions. See how you can achieve the same outcomes, even faster & cost-effectively by registering today!