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NYU College of Dentistry Captures Patient Data in the Field with Mi-Forms on Tablets

NYU College of Dentistry utilizes the Mi-Forms cross-Tablet e-Forms system to save 100 man-hours on each clinical dental outreach program, while improving data accuracy.

DURHAM, NC--(Marketwire -10/23/12)- The New York University College of Dentistry (NYUCD) Henry Schein Cares Global Student Outreach Program announced that by working with Mi-Co, the industry-leading Tablet e-Forms software company, the dental outreach program has evolved to include automated patient data capture & reporting from the field. As a result, about 100 man-hours are saved from the elimination of manual data-entry, along with streamlined field data capture for better accuracy in tracking patient outcomes over time.

The NYUCD Henry Schein Cares Global Student Outreach Program provides oral health services and education to tens of thousands of underserved people in the United States and several international locations each year. The goals of the program are threefold: service, education, and research. The dental care is provided by third- and fourth-year dental students and residents of pediatric dentistry under the supervision of licensed faculty members, using portable dental equipment. In each outreach location, program coordinators strive to create sustainability of care by establishing accurate baseline diagnoses of children’s oral health conditions. Children then receive complete treatment for all of their dental needs, and a local partner performs follow-up preventive services every three months between NYUCD’s annual or bi-annual treatment visits, with the goal of reducing new dental caries by 50 percent.

The necessity of capturing accurate baseline diagnoses of dental caries and tracking patient conditions over time, coupled with the challenges of providing care in the field with limited resources, meant that program administrators were buried in paperwork and would be bogged down for weeks performing data entry. Previously the paperwork involved in the process meant a research coordinator would spend almost 20 minutes typing in all the data from each patient encounter into Excel spreadsheets, with high potential for errors and delays in reimbursement in cases where services were billable. Following the adoption of Mi-Forms on Tablets, the NYUCD Henry Schein Cares Global Student Outreach Program
has almost eliminated their use of paper-forms and most manual data-entry. Data also flows into a SQL database and can be reported on with great detail enabling precise tracking of information for the hundreds of patients seen.

Rachel Hill, Director of Global Outreach at NYUCD says, “We searched for years for an electronic patient records solution that would work for our highly specialized needs, and there was nothing pre-packaged on the market that fit. We were thrilled to find Mi-Forms since it allowed for highly flexible data capture on tablet PCs that we could use chair-side in the field, and we received unprecedented support from Mi-Co in tailoring the mobile forms technology to our very specific requirements. We have never been so confident in the data and reporting that is now resulting from our outreach programs. I highly recommend Mi-Co to those in need of Mobile Data Capture and mobile forms.”

About Mi-Co:

Mi-Co is the developer of Mi-Forms, the market's leading Tablet e-Forms software platform. Mi-Co provides solutions for smart, flexible mobile e-Forms data collection in a variety of industries. Mi-Forms supports enterprise data capture using Windows 8 Tablets like the Microsoft Surface, theDigital Pen, iPads, Android Slates, Ricoh eQuills and other mobile capture devices across diverse industries and has worked with customers like AT&T, the United Nations, Sutter Health and many others. For more information on Mi-Co, please visit