The Mobile Impact Platform Empowers You to Create Better Mobile Information Solutions

Whether you need a best-of-breed data collection software solution for a specific front end, or need to fit mobile e-Forms to existing heterogeneous back ends, our technology fits. Mi-Corporation's Mobile Impact Platform works on Windows, iOS, and Android devices to provide enterprise mobile information solutions for mission-critical processes.

Increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and develop better mobile data capture solutions for everyone you serve. Mi-Corporation ensures your success with comprehensive partner-focused sales tools, marketing collateral, and technical support programs which include:

  • Co-Branded Marketing Collateral
  • Co-Marketing Opportunities
  • Fully Developed Sales Tools (demos, presentations, ROI calculators)
  • Online Lead Registration
  • Access to Mobile Impact Platform Software Developer Tool Kit
  • Strategic Alliances (multifaceted partnerships)

The Mi-Corporation Partner Ecosystem


Mi-Corporation has dozens of Gold Certified Partners around the world. Mi-Co Gold Partners are Value-Added Resellers (VARs) or Systems Integrators (SIs) that wish to offer an enterprise mobile data capture solution to their customers. Gold Partners pay a program subscription fee and receive development software, training, marketing materials, technical support, and provide input into future software enhancements. Gold Partners receive discounted pricing on our software for resale to their customers. Typical Gold Partners are capture and document management software resellers and consulting services organizations.

Mi-Corporation strives to ensure that all required services and support are covered with the Annual Partner Program Subscription, which includes the following:

  • A block of included hours for technical support.
  • Version upgrades so that you always have the current software.
  • Inclusion in the Mi-Corporation software alpha or beta programs.
  • Access to our password protected online partner portal.
  • Subscription to the Quarterly Mi-Co Alliance Newsletter.
  • Mi-Corporation will place higher priority for future product features requested by Gold Certified Partners.
  • Access to the Mobile Form Application Library for Partners.

Training and Certification

  • A two-day training session on the Mobile Impact Platform is available for Gold Certified Partners.
  • Gold Certified Partners are required to maintain at least one person on their staff who has been through the Mobile Impact Platform program.
  • Classes are held at the Mi-Corporation office in Durham, NC.
  • Training can be scheduled at other locations with additional charges, or on the webfor no additional charge.
  • Gold Partner Certification is earned through successful completion of training.

Marketing Support

  • Inclusion in our lead sharing and lead registration programs. Support on press release and collateral development.
  • Electronic copies of marketing materials including case studies, flyers, data sheets, and information brochures.
  • Assistance in developing white papers, case studies and other marketing collateral as well as possible trade show support.
  • Access to the Partner Demonstration Package which includes an extensive number of pre-built form applications.


Mi-Corporation Platinum Partners are Original Equipment Manufacturers, ISVs and Vertical Solution Providers who wish to sell and support installations of Mi-Corporation software that are integrated into a solution, or that are provided to end users as an embedded component of a distinct product. Platinum Partners pay a Program Subscription Fee and receive development software, training, marketing materials, technical support, and provide input into future software enhancements. Platinum Partners receive discounted pricing on our software for resale to their customers, or may negotiate alternative joint revenue models based on royalties, transactions, or value-add, based on revenue guarantees. Mi-Corporation Platinum Partners also have access to the Mobile Impact Platform SDK and are able to use our software tools to design, build, integrate, implement, and support Solutions and may rebrand their solutions as needed.  Mi-Corporation has a number of rigorously selected Platinum Partners around the world.


Mi-Corporation Silver Partner relationships are referral relationships. Silver partners introduce Mi-Corporation to qualified prospects who have a need for a Mobile Data Capture solution. Silver Partners receive referral compensation on resulting license sales to these qualified Prospects. Mi-Corporation provides marketing and demonstration materials free of charge to Silver partners. Typical Mi-Corporation Silver Partners are hardware manufacturers, hardware resellers, and independent consultants.