Record more accurate data in a third of the time.

Easily build optimized mobile inspection forms for faster inspections, faster invoicing, and higher ROI.



Speed and Simplify Your Work. Try it for Free. 

Download Mi-Inspections today for free.  Our mobile inspection forms are smart and intuitive which ensures data is collected quickly and correctly from the start. Build the inspection app your team needs in just a few, easy steps. Create it from scratch or choose one from our library. Deploy your new app to your device and start conducting inspections at light speed.


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Fastest Inspections with High-Quality Data 

Collect data quickly and accurately from the start with smart and intuitive digital forms. Form features include:

  • Business rules and data validation for enhanced data quality.
  • Prefills, skip logic, and calculations to further speed data collection.
  • Photos, GPS coordinates, barcodes and more can be captured and automatically imbedded into form.
  • Fail-safe offline operations to protect data until internet connectivity is available.


“Instead of spending 30 minutes of a 60 minute inspection filling out forms, inspectors spend 10 minutes on forms, which increases the quality of time spent onsite.”

Doug Edwards, Project Technician, VA Department of Agriculture


Increase Productivity for your Entire Operation

Optimize your data collection and make all members of your team more productive, effective, and happy.

  • No more re-entering data or writing reports.
  • More inspection points per hour mean driving results to the bottom line.
  • Senior management gets an instant analysis of inspection results and team performance.
  • Your IT teams have confidence in a solution built with enterprise-class scaling features, security, and manageability.



“We love the flexibility in building our mobile forms and how it seamlessly integrates with our ERP solution. Mi-Corporation helped us to reduce data entry by over 74%.

Paul Rak, CEO, Veriform

Get Going Fast - Get Your ROI Faster

Our proven process helps organizations build and deploy Mi-Inspections solutions with thoughtful speed, putting distance between you and your competitors and profits to the bottom line!

Inspection Library - use this as a catalyst to get your digital inspections off the launch pad.

Rapid Paper Prototyping - our mobility experts work to quickly, creatively and thoroughly prototype your working field inspection forms. They’ll work to modify existing templates or help you envision a completely unique approach to inspection excellence!

Training – use the Mi-Corporation online learning tools to speed user competency.


“With electronic data capture, we’re able to input a license number and have everything pre-filled for us. And if we choose one selection on one type of question, it makes other selections as required. It makes the data more accurate, and makes it easier on the end-user."

Travis Snodgrass, Field Inspector North Carolina Department of Agriculture