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“As a developer, I like how you can get the best out of both worlds: out-of-the-box solutions along with code customizable solutions.” said Alejandra Sevilla, Project Lead, Gulf Companies 



Oil & Gas Case Study
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"It's not just about the money saved. The speed, the time, the accuracy...that kind of thing is improving and it's just a much cleaner system." said Dwight Seal, Western District Manager, North Carolina Department of Agriculture


Agriculture Case Study
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“We’d been looking at ways to automate our mock audits for a long time, and I got the referral to Mi-Corporation during a networking group meeting. Once they told us what Mobile Impact Platform could do, we knew it was a perfect match—and we got started right away,” said Bill Fivek, President and CEO, Total Medical Compliance (TMC).


Healthcare Case Study

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“Our leasing staff was often waiting until the end of the month to submit a list of all the leases they’d signed for that month—but we needed to verify the information before paying out commissions. Our corporate team would then have to request the entire lease packet or sometimes eat a mistake. In those days, our agents would often have to wait 90 days before seeing any commission,” said Josh Helms, Southwood Realty’s IT Manager.


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"We want you to know that the software application Mi-Corporation tailored for us has been invaluable to the development of our global outreach programs." Dr. Stuart Hirsch, New York University College of Dentistry


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"After doing away with the cumbersome and inefficient paper-based sales processes, we have virtually eliminated impediments to superior customer service. The sales order processing provided through the mobile forms platform and software offered by Mi-Corporation has empowered us to dramatically reduce process cycle time, improve communication between departments, and provide top-notch customer service grounded by accuracy and efficiency." Kevin J Stone, Chief Operating Officer, Doyle Security Systems


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No Connection? No Problem! Collect & Pre-Fill Mobile Data While Offline



If you've got team members in the field or on the go, the concept of mobile data capture is something that is probably top of mind. Whether you already have a solution in place or you're considering a change to your mobile data strategy, the challenge of collecting, accessing and reporting on offline information can seem like an uphill climb. You need a mobile solution that can pull in existing data from multiple enterprise data sources at one time, while allowing employees to access that data offline and keep it "fresh" so they're always working with the most up-to-date information available.

But how can you make it happen when connectivity is often a challenge and your team members are constantly making updates?

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The Critical Importance of User Adoption with Mobile Data Capture Projects


Today we live in a world in which firms in various types
of industries are adopting mobile technology to
facilitate business practices that allow for faster,
cleaner data capture & access, streamlined processes
and improved productivity for employees not
constrained by paper.

Mi-Co, the Mobile Information Software Company, a
13-year leader in Tablet solutions, has analyzed what
makes these projects successful and when they fail.
The summary of the analysis is that the majority of
Mobile Data Capture projects fail not due to
technology reasons, but primarily due to poor end user adoption, for a number of reasons detailed

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