Mi-Enterprise Middleware Download

Mi-Enterprise Middleware Server Download

Current version: 12.3.1


Please review the System Requirements for Mi-Enterprise Middleware prior to your install.

Mobile Impact Platform Version 12.3 System Requirements

Use the links below to download the prerequisites if necessary. Most users will not require this step. You will be prompted during installation if you do not have either of these applications installed.

.NET Framework 4.5.2

Setup Files

Mi-Enterprise Middleware Server v12.3 for Windows Setup


Mi-Enterprise Middleware Server v12.3 Documentation (PDF)

Upgrade Note

If you are upgrading from a v9.5 or previous version server, please be sure to read the documentation section on upgrading as several configuration options have changed. Please contact Mi-Corporation Support if you need further assistance.

Note: The Mi-Enterprise Middleware Server requires a license specific to each installation. Please contact support@mi-corporation.com for more information.