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Increase Efficiency in Construction Inspections and Reporting

Mobile Impact Platform increases efficiency in the field for new construction inspections and reporting. In this on-demand webinar hear how Gulf Interstate Engineering increased productivity and created a unified construction reporting process. Read More »

Government Agriculture IT and the Mobile Impact Platform

The on-demand recording of our live webinar with Senior IT Managers, Adam Kracht from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Tony Lascio from USDA is now available. Read More »

A Close Look at the Georgia Department of Agriculture Feed, Pesticides, and Seed Programs

The on-demand recording of our live webinar with Bailey Whiten and Jenny Wren from the Georgia Department of Agriculture is now available. Hear how the Mobile Impact Platform is supporting their Feed, Pesticides, and Seed programs. Read More »

NCDA and Mi-Co - The Mobile Impact Platform in Practice

The on-demand recording of our live webinar The Mobile Impact Platform in Practice is now available. Feel free to watch again or share with your team. Read More »

How to Build a Mobile App in NextGen Designer

Join Bob Letzeisen in this webinar as he demonstrates how easy it is to build an app with our drag-and-drop interface. Our web-based NextGen Designer has been crafted for the “citizen developer,” allowing both professional developers and those with limited technical skills to create robust mobile data capture applications quickly and easily. With the NextGen Designer automating your processes is... Read More »

Digital Transformation for a Safer, Cleaner Transportation Industry

Digital Transformation is not just for vehicles, riders and fares. Internal operations must be transformed to create a more agile organization and a safer and cleaner environment for riders, drivers and freight. Your mobile work force value and productivity must be multiplied and this can’t be done with existing legacy technologies, and paper based processes. Digitizing all your inspections and... Read More »

Make 2017 Your Year for Mobility Success

Are You a Digital Have or Have Not? Organizations that have mastered the digital journey enjoy huge gains in operational efficiency, EBITDA and customer satisfaction. Most organizations, government or commercial, simply aren't there. Is your organization one? Are you stuck with the same mobile application pitfalls that beset others like: Read More »

How to Increase Safety & Productivity with Tablet-based Pipeline Inspections

As more pipelines are built and managed than ever before, an increasingly busy & scarce workforce has to construct, inspect & maintain them. Join this webinar to learn about how leading organizations are leaving the paper behind and equipping their field staff with Tablets to: Read More »

Mobile Timesheets: How to Increase Workforce Accountability

Learn how mobile timesheets can help increase workforce accountability. Read More »

Why Digital Field Inspections Trump Paper for Agricultural Organizations

Banish your paper forms. Scrap your first generation web/mobile forms. Find out why replacing yesterday's tools with Next Generation Digital Field Inspection Solutions ups your game. If you want your field inspectors and their inspections to be fast, accurate, compliant and downright more convenient, then this webinar is for you. Attend this brief learning session and you will learn: -The... Read More »

Mobile Data Solutions: Where’s the Payback?

Interested in implementing a mobile data solution at your organization, but not sure how to quantify the ROI? In this webinar, guest speaker Garry Harper, Channel Manager at Xplore Technologies, will discuss how organizations are finding new or added payback to support their first--or next phase--mobility project or business case. Read More »

No Connectivity? No Problem! Offline Mobile Data Capture

In a world that constantly works on the go, it's important when choosing a mobile data solution to partner with a company who's software can work with you even when you find yourself without a network connection. Like Mi-Corporation, many mobile forms software companies claim to have offline data capabilities, but without our Offline Data Replicator, these 'capabilities' simply will not be as... Read More »

Streamlining Field Data Capture Processes with the Microsoft Government Cloud

Government agencies wanting to streamline their internal processes, boost productivity and produce tax payer savings, are increasingly turning to cloud solutions to do so quicker & more cost-effectively. Foregoing the cost of maintaining & running internal data centers, recruiting IT staff to manage infrastructure and focus more on the needs of business users is pushing a lot of Agencies to... Read More »

8 Risks of (Not) Choosing a Mobile Data Capture Solution

Over the past 15+ years, we've worked with a lot of different companies and have learned a great deal about the biggest roadblocks organizations face when it comes to mobile data solutions. In this webinar, we'll breakdown the top 8 risk factors of implementing a mobile data solution, and most importantly, share insights about how to avoid them. We'll be joined by special guest Kevin Stone from... Read More »

The Benefits of a Mobile Solution for a Mobile Workforce

As Federal regulations and the demand on Government employees in the field to accomplish more with less increases, mobile workers are seeking mobile solutions and tools (such as access to data, networks, and apps while mobile) to save time and improve productivity. By moving critical business processes from paper to mobile, organizations are benefiting from an improvement in workforce... Read More »

Replacing Clipboards with Tablets to Drive Workforce Efficiency

Government organizations are under heightened pressure to improve operational and field workforce efficiencies, while facing rising costs, outdated paper systems, and concerns over mobile solution security. To solve these issues, agencies are adopting highly secure, affordable mobile technologies such as tablet devices to streamline business operations and improve workforce efficiency. Join this... Read More »

Greening Your Business: The Advantages of Using Tablets + The Cloud

In this day and age, the concept of "going green" is a familiar ideology. But for businesses, going green means so much more than simply making the switch to energy efficient light bulbs. For instance, a great way for businesses to positively impact the environment is to eliminate paper and ink processes with a mobile solution. Those making the switch are experiencing dramatic benefits that... Read More »

How Tablet-Based Field Inspections Enable Govt. Organizations To Do More With Less

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our recent Microsoft-hosted live webcast featuring longtime Mi-Corporation customer, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. In case you couldn’t attend, here's a preview of what you missed: Dwight E. Seal, District Manager, and Travis Snodgrass, Field Inspector, of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services... Read More »

Mobile Forms vs. Mobile Apps Webinar

Chris DiPierro, Mi-Co's CTO, used his technical expertise to explain the differences between mobile forms and mobile apps to attendees during Mi-Corporation's featured monthly webinar yesterday afternoon. Chris argued that at a certain point when developing and using mobile form solutions, they move into the mobile application category. When the mobile solution development process begins, many... Read More »