Why Flexibility in Scripting Can Future-Proof Your Mobile Data Capture Solution

North Carolina’s General Statue Article 3 Chapter 19 defines the Animal Welfare Act of 2005. The act lays out the requirements, responsibilities, and procedures for boarding kennels, shelters, and pet shops. It also provides important guidance on the way these establishments must be inspected. When the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (NCDA Read More »

Mi-Corporation Shows the Future of Mobility at the 2016 Mobility Summit

Mi-Corporation wrapped up the 2016 Mobility Summit on Thursday, April 14th at the Durham Convention Center and what a Summit it was! Businesses and Government agencies spent two days learning how to incorporate mobile technology solutions to save time, reduce costs, and improve workforce efficiency. Read More »

The Importance of Mobile App User Adoption: Introducing Mi-Apps

At Mi-Corporation, we have seen that replacing a paper-based process with a mobile app solution can produce results such as: 100x more accurate data 80% fewer steps in the process $675,000 in annual cost savings 11% higher profit margins and 25% quicker invoicing Read More »