To Code or Not to Code? That is the question.

To Code or Not to Code?  That is the question.  Whether tis nobler in the minds of CIO’s to suffer the slings and arrows of those who cannot get Apps fast enough or supply them with a low code solution that empowers the business to build their own. “Chief information officers, on the hook to automate manual and repetitive business processes, are increasingly turning to tools designed to create... Read More »

Thankful for their Work at Mi-Corporation: Chris DiPierro and David Nakamura

This month, we pause in this space to express our thanks and to honor two employees who have been with us for 19 years and are each in their 20th year with our company. We are grateful for the many dedicated efforts of Chris DiPierro and David Nakamura. They always go the extra mile, and they really make things happen for our customers. Read More »