4 ‘Must Haves’ for a Successful Mobile Inspection Process

4 ‘Must Haves’ for a Successful Mobile Inspection Process Field teams in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) industry do their work every day in virtual anonymity. Yet in this unseen fashion they perform work that truly matters to the public in terms of individual product safety and mass infrastructure security and reliability. It’s unfortunate Read More »

Getting Mobile Inspection Apps Right

If you’re an operations manager or IT leader with a mobile workforce, you’ve probably wondered why automating their jobs has been such a challenge. If your team collects a good deal of data, such as in field inspection activities, no doubt you’ve been doubly vexed. Mobile inspectors are the red-headed step-children of automation. For multiple (and often unique) reasons, they’ve historically had... Read More »

Digital Transformation – are you a digital ‘have’ or ‘have-not?’

Digital transformation… it’s a term that’s getting a lot of buzz these days but the concept is nothing new. Think back to the 80’s when we saw businesses shift from using paper processes to personal computers. Or the late 90’s when the retail market began to see a huge transition to e-commerce and online shopping. Why make a trip to the mall when you can shop on your sofa in pajamas, right? Now,... Read More »

Mobile Apps in Manufacturing

How many apps do you have on your phone right now? How many of you are now swiping to count them? In our mobile-centric application-based world, most of us are frequently using an app of some kind to do something. This comfort and ease-of-use that we consistently experience in our personal lives has been hard to replicate in the business world, but there are many businesses today battling issues... Read More »