Our Low-Code Platform is Helping Gulf Companies

A low-code application platform (LCAP) is software that provides a development environment used to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming. Read More »

Outdated Technology in Oil and Gas: How Does it Affect Your Bottom Line?

How much is using old technology really costing you? Beyond just being slow and requiring constant maintenance, using old technology is costing you time and productivity. Read More »

Previewing Mobile Impact Platform v12’s Mi-Analytics Data and Visualization Modules

If you’re reading this, you’re in for a treat, because we don’t usually give away previews of upcoming features, but we thought this one was so important that you just had to know. Ready? Great, strap in, because you’ve been asking for it for a long time. Read More »

Mi-Corporation Releases Mobile Impact Platform v11.9

Look, I get it, December is a busy month. Even with 2018 featuring the longest possible time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the last month of the year just has a way of flying by. And then just when the holidays are over, the New Year is upon us and we’re all back to work catching up on everything we were supposed to do last year. So, I forgive you if you missed our not one, but two product... Read More »

State Vets are Front Line of Animal Disease Traceability

State and local veterinarians are a vital connection in the lives of humans, animals, and the society at large. Working with cattle and other livestock carries a huge responsibility when it comes to matters of public health and the health and vitality of our animal population as well. Detailed record keeping and strict abidance Read More »

Save Time & Money with the NextGen Designer for Mobile Solutions

Mi-Corporation has a long history of helping organizations improve operational efficiency and accuracy via mobile data capture solutions. The NextGen Designer, part of Mi-Corporation’s Mobile Impact Platform, allows your organization to create those solutions faster than ever. Even better, this tool has been developed with the citizen developer in mind. That means your workforce doesn’t Read More »

Check out the latest addition to Microsoft's SLG.tv

Microsoft recently launched a new resource for customers in State and Local Government: SLG.tv. SLG.tv is an always-on, on-demand video channel hosted on Microsoft.com featuring videos of interest for customers in state and local government. The videos covering a range of topics including: Read More »

Judging the Tabby Awards - Business 2014 Contest

The ‘Tablet economy’ has arrived in full force and has revolutionized all our lives, while creating an estimated 500,000 jobs in the US alone from Tablet app development. From watching Netflix movies on your couch, to starting to modify spreadsheets in an airport, we’ve all seen the impact of Tablets in our personal & professional life. At Mi-Corporation, we’ve been gratified to see the... Read More »

The Importance of Proper Training

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the NCPMI Annual Event at the Raleigh Convention Center. This is a day-long event for Project Management Professionals that offers a chance to attend a number of project management-related sessions during the day. The sessions covered a wide range of topics and provided useful information relating to projects of all different types. Read More »

Wearable Technology: The Future of Data Capture?

Wearable technology, whether optical like Google Glass, Vuzix Smart Glasses, Samsung Galaxy Gear or in the form of clothing, intelligent devices are invading every aspect of our lives. These devices could represent the next frontier in mobility, and part of the era of the “internet of things”. While we are very much in the infancy of the adoption of these devices, especially in the B2B or B2E... Read More »