Success in Mobility Projects: It’s more than just good technology

At Mi-Corporation, we're experts in mobile data capture. With over 14 years of mobile project experience, our team has created software that enables you to quickly and easily migrate your paper business processes to digital processes without the high cost and learning curve of most new technologies and with flexible device, data and integration options. However success in mobility is not just... Read More »

Paper Processing vs. Digital Processing: The Real Value [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that by converting from paper processing to digital processing can reduce the inspection cycle by 80%? An inspector's normal cycle consists of a significant amount of paperwork, messy handwriting, and faxes to and from superiors. From start to finish, this error-ridden process takes 10 days. Contrarily, conversion to Mi-Co's digital process shortens the inspection cycle to 2 days... Read More »

OSHA and EPA Compliance Using Mi-Forms and Motion Computing Tablets

OSHA and EPA compliance is imperative for many industries. Learn how Waste Strategies LLC employs Mi-Forms Mobile Data Capture Solutions on Motion Computing tablets to not only ensure this compliance but to also increase worker productivity and data accuracy. Read More »

Application Spotlight - Using Mi-Forms for Government Compliance Inspections

Throughout 13.5 years at Mi-Co, government compliance inspectors at federal, state and local levels have used Mi-Forms to monitor compliance and even increase revenue. Organizations from U.S. Internal Revenue Service to U.S. Department of Agriculture to Mississippi Department of Health have seen important productivity gains. Highlighted below are three major reasons that government compliance... Read More »

Amusement Park Companies Use Mi-Forms for Safety Checklists & Inspections

Last Friday, I took my family to Kings Dominion in Virginia. Kings Dominion is an amusement park with many thrilling rides including the “tallest, fastest roller coaster on the East Coast.” After riding the Intimidator 305, I am not going to argue with them. It reaches speeds of 90 mph and has an 85 degree drop from 305 feet. Another coaster – the Volcano – accelerates riders to 75 mph before... Read More »

Basoor's Heart-Failure Checklist now on Mi-Forms Mobile Form

Dr. Basoor doesn't 'skip a beat' while demonstrating his Heart Failure Checklist on Mi-Forms I had the pleasure to attend the Microsoft Health & Life Sciences Executive Summit in Chicago this week as an invited guest. The theme was around scalable patient engagement and related technologies that could have true impacts in healthcare. Another invited guest, Dr. Abhijeet Basoor, Chief Cardiology... Read More »

Duke Masters Student Blogs About Mi-Co

Mi-Co is very proud of the affiliations it has with top educational institutions such as The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University. One of Mi-Co's interns, a graduate student in the Master of Management Studies Program (MMS) at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, shares her experience with Mi-Co on the MMS Blog. Take a look at her reflection. Mi-Co is excited to... Read More »