Mi-Enterprise Apps: Mobile App Development Choices

One of the positive aspects of Mi-Enterprise Apps is the opportunity for mobile app developers to bring their own familiar coding skillset and gain access to enterprise-grade features such user authentication, data workflow, and offline data access. Read More »

Training for Mobility Success

Replacing paper processes with a mobile data capture system like Mi-Forms can positively impact a business, providing benefits such as increased data accuracy, streamlined workflow and increased worker productivity. But change can be difficult. User adoption is one of the key failure points in mobility projects. Read More »

Managed Mobility Services

We take a look this month at the “Managed Mobility Services” market space (sometimes referred to as Enterprise Mobility Management), an important segment given the profusion of mobile devices, mobile apps, mobile back-end as a service (mBaaS) platforms, mobile services and more!  Last year, research firm Gartner published its first MMS Magic Quadrant report, predicting that MMS revenue could grow... Read More »

The Importance of Proper Training

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the NCPMI Annual Event at the Raleigh Convention Center.  This is a day-long event for Project Management Professionals that offers a chance to attend a number of project management-related sessions during the day.  The sessions covered a wide range of topics and provided useful information relating to projects of all different types. Read More »

Why Hasn't Apple's iBeacon Taken Off Yet?

As Apple nears the launch of new iGadgets this week, perhaps iOS 8 and who knows what else, I thought it would be useful to look back at one of the hidden gems of iOS 7 that perhaps has not seen as much light of day as I expected. I’m referring to iBeacon – a set of transmitters that can transmit precise locations to iOS 7 devices like iPhones. The uses for this in a sector like retail leap right... Read More »

Mobility in the Energy Sector: Oil & Gas Need Mobile Solutions

The North American energy sector has been driving huge economic gains in the last few years. In some Energy hot beds like North Dakota, there are huge labor shortages, and Oil & Gas companies are struggling to find enough qualified workers for the jobs that lie open. There are also a number of experienced veterans close to retirement and the need for productivity, efficiency & doing more with... Read More »

An Intern Perspective

On Tuesday, July 22, Mi-Co welcomed our out-of-town Sales and Marketing team members from across the country to our Durham home office. Throughout the day, our team had the opportunity to listen to several speakers and participate in team building exercises. One of the most meaningful presentations came from Greg Clary, CEO of Mi-Corporation. He presented the history of Mi-Co over the last 14... Read More »

AWS Cloud Computing Astonishment

Everyone uses Amazon. Like me, a lot of people have Amazon Prime, which makes quick home delivery of just about any product you need a reality. But, even if you’ve managed to avoid that temptation, you’re still using Amazon; you just might not realize it. Amazon’s “AWS” cloud computing products launched in 2006, and you’d be hard pressed to use the Internet now without running into it somewhere.... Read More »

An Upset in Pen Computing?

On June 20, Microsoft's latest Surface Pro 3 device will be shipped and available to the general public. A number of notable improvements and innovations include: 12" 2160x1440 resolution screen A multi-position kickstand A 9 hour battery life ( for all models - including the later to be released Intel Core i7 version) A 1 year battery "shelf" life A bluetooth 4.0 pen that automatically starts... Read More »

Wearable Technology: The Future of Data Capture?

Wearable technology, whether optical like Google Glass, Vuzix Smart Glasses, Samsung Galaxy Gear or in the form of clothing, intelligent devices are invading every aspect of our lives. These devices could represent the next frontier in mobility, and part of the era of the “internet of things”. While we are very much in the infancy of the adoption of these devices, especially in the B2B or B2E... Read More »