AWS Cloud Computing Astonishment

Everyone uses Amazon. Like me, a lot of people have Amazon Prime, which makes quick home delivery of just about any product you need a reality. But, even if you’ve managed to avoid that temptation, you’re still using Amazon; you just might not realize it. Amazon’s “AWS” cloud computing products launched in 2006, and you’d be hard pressed to use the Internet now without running into it somewhere.... Read More »

An Upset in Pen Computing?

On June 20, Microsoft's latest Surface Pro 3 device will be shipped and available to the general public. A number of notable improvements and innovations include: 12" 2160x1440 resolution screen A multi-position kickstand A 9 hour battery life ( for all models - including the later to be released Intel Core i7 version) A 1 year battery "shelf" life A bluetooth 4.0 pen that automatically starts... Read More »

Wearable Technology: The Future of Data Capture?

Wearable technology, whether optical like Google Glass, Vuzix Smart Glasses, Samsung Galaxy Gear or in the form of clothing, intelligent devices are invading every aspect of our lives. These devices could represent the next frontier in mobility, and part of the era of the “internet of things”. While we are very much in the infancy of the adoption of these devices, especially in the B2B or B2E... Read More »

What Do Our Customers Think?

It's one thing for us to tell you about our 14 years of experience and how that has made us experts in mobile data capture and helped dozens of clients improve their outdated paper workflow--particularly in terms of enabling greater mobility--but it's another thing entirely to hear it directly from the source. Read More »

Using Mi-Forms for Email: Eating Our Own Dog Food

At Mi-Corporation, as at many companies, email is one of our main modes of communication aside from meetings and phone calls. Very often these days, I find myself emailing the key members of my team from my phone, using voice dictation. I happen to use Google's speech recognition technology via a Samsung Galaxy S4. As user interface designers, we are very aware of the number of steps any given... Read More »

Positively Impacting the World

As the 2014 Mobility Summit’s opening speaker, Greg Clary, CEO at Mi-Corporation, spoke of a different way of looking at our product line. Instead of focusing on items of lesser importance, he stated simply that we “Positively Impact the World.” Several of the showcased speakers described how they were saving hefty sums of money combining various mobile technologies including Mi-Forms mobile... Read More »

Tabtimes Tablet Strategy Conference

I attended the Tabtimes Tablet Strategy Conference 2014 in New York City yesterday and was gratified to see the increasing industry support for these Tablet-focused events, especially considering Mi-Corporation's journey in this world over 14 years! Read More »

Microsoft Finally Catching up to Mi-Corporation

During their recent Build Developer Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft unveiled that they are now providing developers with the ability to write a single application that can be used across multiple devices running various versions of Microsoft Windows: desktops, tablets, phones, etc.  As a developer, this is a great capability to have.  However, it’s also something that Mi-Corporation has... Read More »

Offline Data Access with the new Mi-Corporation Data Replicator

One of the 3 new exciting products announced at Mobility Summit 2014 this past month was Mi-Enterprise Apps which includes a new robust Data Replication feature for offline data access in the data capture, reporting & retrieval processes. Access to data such as past visits, equipment specifications, site location information, etc. while offline can be a critical factor for mobile data workers who... Read More »

Mi-Corporation Mobility Summit 2014 Recap

Greetings from Durham! Whether you traveled from near or far we hope you made it home from Mi-Corporation’s Mobility Summit 2014 safely. We would once again like to thank our sponsors, partners, customers and friends for making our conference such a huge success. For those of you not able to attend, we missed you and hope you can attend next year. This year’s event was packed with mobility market... Read More »